Help Scout documentation search with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a tremendously powerful plugin for WordPress and Help Scout is an awesome customer support system that also provides a service for handling documentation. What they miss, however, is a direct connection that allows site owners to provide customers with a way to search the Help Scout documentation before they can submit a support ticket submission form.

Custom Database API – Structuring Your Data

When starting out with building an API for your custom tables, one of the very first things you need to do is determine what data you need to store in your tables, and what format that data will be stored in. This is a fundamental aspect of creating your API as it is one of the defining factors for how your tables are structured.

Simple Post Expiration

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Brian Richards to produce a plugin development course for his WPSessions VIP program. Throughout the course, we wrote a plugin from start to finish, and Simple Post Expiration this is that plugin. It’s a simple little plugin that allows you to set an expiration date…

Batch Comment Spam Deletion

Spam comments can be a serious problem. If your site has enough traffic, it’s likely that you experience massive numbers of spam comments getting caught by the spam filters. Occasionally you will need to go through and clear out the spam comments by using the Empty Spam button in the Comments page. If you have…

Users Site Menu Link Plugin

This morning, while working in my support forum for Easy Digital Downloads, I needed to look up a user’s account. Instinctively, I went to the site menu in the tool bar, opened the sub menu and tried to navigate straight to the Users admin page. That’s when I remembered there isn’t a Users link added…

Remove double-click to edit for comments

WordPress has a nice feature in the Comments section that lets you easily edit any comment listed by simply double-clicking on it, which triggers the Quick Edit view. If you edit comments often or simply prefer the action of double-clicking over clicking Quick Edit, this is excellent. I, however, have always been annoyed that WordPress…

Restrict Content Pro – Braintree Gateway

This add-on plugin for Restrict Content Pro allows you to accept credit cards through your account during the user registration process. When using this add-on, your subscribers will stay on your site throughout the entire registration process, instead of being redirected to an outside site, such as PayPal. The user simply enters their credit card information…

bbPress – Canned Replies

I manage all of my plugin support through bbPress. With dozens of replies posted to tickets every single day, one of the biggest bottle necks is writing out each reply. This free extension for bbPress allows you to create canned replies that you can quickly insert when replying to forum posts.

Restrict Content Pro – WP Job Manager Bridge

Restrict Content Pro is my premium subscription management plugin. WP Jobs Manager is a free plugin from Mike Jolley for managing job listings from WordPress. This is a simple extension for both plugins that allows you to restrict jobs posting to members who have paid subscriptions through Restrict Content Pro.

Ninja Forms – Constant Contact

I have built several extensions for the great Ninja Forms plugin, and now I’d like to introduce another: Constant Contact. This extension allows you to easily create contacts and add them to any list in your Constant Contact account when forms are submitted.

Restrict Content Pro – Download Monitor Bridge

This is a free extension for Restrict Content Pro that creates a bridge between RCP and Download Monitor, the terrific plugin from Mike Jolley for managing file downloads on your site. With this extension, you can set files to only be downloadable by users that have a paid subscription to your WordPress site through Restrict Content…