This is a free extension for Restrict Content Pro that creates a bridge between RCP and Download Monitor, the terrific plugin from Mike Jolley for managing file downloads on your site. With this extension, you can set files to only be downloadable by users that have a paid subscription to your WordPress site through Restrict Content Pro.

If you’re selling plugins or themes, or any other kind of digital content via subscriptions, this is the perfect combination for you. Download Monitor handles the file management and delivery perfectly while Restrict Content Pro takes care of the subscriptions. It’s a perfect balance.

This extension has no options and will automatically restrict all member-only file downloads to paid subscribers.

If a file is not set to Member Only, it will not require an active subscription.

In Download Monitor, you can easily set a file to be member-only by checking the checkbox in the top left:

Screenshot from 2013-06-25 16:06:59

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  1. Kreativ Sound

    Thanks a lot Pippin. This is a very useful extension. Until today I used an workaround to let premium members download premium stuff … With this it becomes my membership more worry free … 🙂

  2. Tracy Rhodes

    I downloaded and upzipped this extension, uploaded it to the plugins directory and accessed the plugins from my WP dashboard.

    I received this notice: There is a new version of RCP-Download Monitor Bridge Available. View version 0.0 or update now.

    Updating the plugin makes no change to the notice and activating the plugin does not provide an option to restrict downloads.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug someplace?
    I purchased RCP and have it installed and working well for the members-only portion of the website.

    I want to restrict access to PDF files I have uploaded into the media library which I have showing in the members-only area of the website using the Google Docs embed plugin.

    Trying to restrict the media file using the edit panel setting for the attachment file does not work – the settings are not saved or put into action. Nor does using the Restrict shortcode around the GDE shortcode in the post.

    It sounded like this extension would work.



    • Pippin

      It should be fixed now if you update again.

  3. Will


    Will this allow me to choose what members have acces to what files. So if i have different members with different subscriptions can i make documents available to just them? example, advanced subscriptions can see these documents and Basic Subscriptions see other documents?

    • Pippin

      No, it does not do anything with file restrictions.

  4. alawi albaiti

    will non-paid members be able also to download ?

    • Pippin

      Be able to download what?

  5. Harish

    Hello Pippin. Does this allow for controlling files for download based on different subscription levels?

    • Pippin

      Not at this time.

  6. Alex

    Hi Pippin

    If possible, can I ask how much would it cost to add the ability to control access to Download Monitor downloads by groups of users / levels of subscription?


    • Pippin

      It would take 2-3 hours of development.

  7. Preston

    I really dont understand what this plugin does. Everything that I want it to do has been asked and apparently it does not exist lol.

    • Pippin

      This plugin does just one thing: allows you to limit the ability to submit jobs to users that have a paid subscription.

  8. Jonathan

    Pippin. Well done once again. This all works great for me out of the box as everything else has that I have bought from you.

    Curious on where to set a redirect inside either the download monitor plugin files or your Download Monitor Bridge plugin so when someone who is not registered requests a file, they would go to a subscribe page/url instead of the default blank page saying “You do not have permission to access this download. Go to homepage →”.

    Probably can figure it out over time, but seeing if you had a clear solution.

    • Pippin

      I don’t think there is an option for that, sorry, though Mike Jolley (the developer of Download Monitor) would know for sure.

  9. john

    hi pippin

    can the plugin restrict number of downloads based on subscription level? for example, i am gold member, i can download up to 3 files. if i am platinum member, then i can download 5 files.


    • Pippin

      Not at this time, sorry.

  10. hannanstd

    hi .
    do you get my comments?

    • Pippin

      No, doesn’t look like they came through.

  11. hannanstd


    i extended this plugin look like your users need . you can see it in this picture :

    before check members only :

    after check members only:

    here is it codes :

    i am your fan and glad to you update this plugin and add me to Contributors .

    my profile :

    thanks .
    this comment is private .

    • hannanstd

      i submitted your form now . but i was sent this pastebin codes in my last comments .

      please remove it from my last comments.

      thanks alot .

    • Pippin


      This is a public comment stream and thus all information here is public. The code for the plugin is also public, so having it here does not hurt anything 🙂

      Remember, if there’s information you don’t want public, don’t post it in a public place.

  12. Sam

    Download Monitor Advanced Access Manager extension does not work. It does not correctly count downloads therefore you cannot limit downloads.

    There’s been questions about this posted on the WordPress plugin forums for the past 3 years and they have not resolved this issue.

    This is something the plugin dev should disclose upfront.

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