Transients Manager is a plugin that provides an interface for managing the transients in your site. It allows you to search, edit, and even delete transients.

The plugin was built out of my own need and desire to have a way to manually remove or modify transients at will. Whether you need to remove a transient for testing or simply to refresh data, it’s far easier to have a simple UI to manage the task than installing a plugin like Debug Bar and the Console add-on and then running the command manually.


If you have suggestions or bug reports for the plugin, it is available on Github. Pull requests are always welcome.

Download Plugin

  1. René Hermenau

    Very nice and useful addition for any plugin developer when it comes to debugging and testing any code with a lot of several transients in it. Thanks!

  2. The Frosty

    I can see that coming in pretty handy.

  3. Drew Poland

    Awesome! I actually need this on a project I just started, perfect timing.

    • Pippin

      Glad to hear it!

  4. Mike

    I just noticed I have this plugin on my site but I didn’t install it. Do you know why it might have been installed on my site?

    • Pippin

      It’s not possible for the plugin to install itself so someone that has (or had) access to your site must have installed it, perhaps for some development testing.

    • Mike

      Hmm I see,, well now that I have it, should I be clearing these transients? Do they slow the site down or they should be left alone?

    • Pippin

      Leave them alone unless you know exactly which transient (if any) should be cleared and why.

      This is meant as a tool to aide developers and should not typically be used unless you’re 100% aware of the consequences of deleting one or more of the transients.

  5. Bhavin Thakrar


    This is a great plugin – thanks for developing it. Is it possible to export the data to a CSV file?


  6. Pippin

    No, there is not an option to export it to a CSV.

  7. alex

    it has stopped working, no longer dumps transients when the button is pushed

    • Pippin

      Can you still delete individual transients?

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