This is a simple extension for Restrict Content Pro to enforce strong passwords during registration. Once activated, users will be required to use a strong password during registration. If a user’s password is too weak, they will be presented with an error.

This extension has no options and will automatically require users to use a strong password during registration.

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  1. Nathan Jorgensen

    Bit odd – when I searched for and installed it, a WP message came up saying ‘this plugin does not have a valid header’. Then I went to installed plugins, and activated it manually, and it worked fine… strange stuff. Apart from that little hicup – as expected it works wonderfully – thanks Pippin!

    • Pippin

      Interesting, great to hear you got it installed though!

  2. Alex Woods

    How strong does “strong” mean? I wouldn’t want it to be annoying for potential new customers.

    • Pippin

      It checks the number of integers, special characters, etc, in the password and then returns a 1-4 rating on the password. This enforces users to always have a 4-level password.

  3. Jacob Dubail

    Hi Pippin,
    Could I get a list of the exact parameters (requirements) for a strong (4-level) password? I’d like to display them to the user next to the password fields. Might be a nice addition to this plugin. Our users are getting frustrated because they’re not sure what constitutes a strong password.
    Also, any reason we’re not using the builtin password strength meter?
    Thanks as always!

    • Pippin

      A password containing numbers, letters, and other alphanumeric characters that is 20 characters long or greater.

  4. Joey

    There is a bug in this plugin when a user is trying to renew a subscription,because the plugin is still trying to validate the password strength even while the user is already logged in.

    • Pippin

      I’ve just pushed out an update that should fix it.

  5. David Gordon

    Is there a way to require a 3 rating instead of a four? 20 characters seems like a bit much for our purposes.

    Thanks so much

    • Pippin

      Not without modifying the plugin code, sorry.

  6. David Gordon

    Thanks very much for the quick reply. Is it a simple code change that you could post here or is it more involved?


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