Restrict Content Pro is my premium subscription management plugin. WP Jobs Manager is a free plugin from Mike Jolley for managing job listings from WordPress. This is a simple extension for both plugins that allows you to restrict jobs posting to members who have paid subscriptions through Restrict Content Pro.

This extension does NOT function without WP Jobs Manager AND Restrict Content Pro installed.

Once activated, a new Jobs Limit field will be added to the Subscription Level Add / Edit screens where you can set the maximum number of jobs members can submit during each pay period.

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  1. Charles K.

    I saw a posting on Aug 9, 2013 by Matt. It is the exact feature I need to have. Is this feature included in the latest version? In case, I am posting the questions by Matt here.

    Is there any way to create subscriptions where I can have a bronze, silver, and gold package? And only allow bronze users to post 2 jobs for 30 days, silver can post 3 jobs for 30 days, gold can post 5 jobs for 30 days… etc?

  2. Matt

    I would like to offer different levels of functionality to my listing site. For example, a free member can add a pic and description. I would like to allow a premium member to add several pics and an address.

    Will this plugin allow for that type of functionality?

    • Rach

      Hi there,

      I was also hoping you could answer this for me as a pre-purchase question.

      Also does this plug-in work with a Listify theme?


    • Pippin

      No, this is just for WP Job Manager, sorry.