Restrict Content Pro is my premium subscription management plugin. WP Jobs Manager is a free plugin from Mike Jolley for managing job listings from WordPress. This is a simple extension for both plugins that allows you to restrict jobs posting to members who have paid subscriptions through Restrict Content Pro.

This extension does NOT function without WP Jobs Manager AND Restrict Content Pro installed.

Once activated, a new Jobs Limit field will be added to the Subscription Level Add / Edit screens where you can set the maximum number of jobs members can submit during each pay period.

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  1. Charles K.

    I saw a posting on Aug 9, 2013 by Matt. It is the exact feature I need to have. Is this feature included in the latest version? In case, I am posting the questions by Matt here.

    Is there any way to create subscriptions where I can have a bronze, silver, and gold package? And only allow bronze users to post 2 jobs for 30 days, silver can post 3 jobs for 30 days, gold can post 5 jobs for 30 days… etc?

    • Stefan

      Hi, I want to list webpage, but not phone number for those who are not on a premium listing. I use listify.

  2. Matt

    I would like to offer different levels of functionality to my listing site. For example, a free member can add a pic and description. I would like to allow a premium member to add several pics and an address.

    Will this plugin allow for that type of functionality?

    • Rach

      Hi there,

      I was also hoping you could answer this for me as a pre-purchase question.

      Also does this plug-in work with a Listify theme?


    • Pippin

      No, this is just for WP Job Manager, sorry.

  3. Steve

    We’re using listify and they advertise this plugin as an option. I have 2 questions:

    1. Listify has WP Job Manager included, so will this plugin work with that?

    2. can we decide on a subscription basis what features they can have in Listify/WP Job Manager, e.g. can we say that Level 1 only has a basic listing, i.e. no images and no URL link but level 2 has all features allowed?

    Thank you


    • Pippin

      Hi Steve!

      1. Yes, it should work fine.

      2. No, it’s an all-or-nothing system.

  4. Farhath

    Hey Pippin,

    I’m quite interested in integrating this plugin in my job board website and was wondering if you could answer few of my questions before i purchased it.

    – Can the jobs listings that are posted be highlighted depending on membership?

    – Can i also allow create a membership that will allow candidates to post resumes that are highlighted ?

    • Pippin

      Highlighted in what way?

      No, sorry, this plugin does not restrict resume posting.

  5. Luke

    Hi Pippin,

    Is it possible to restrict the job application form and display a message instead?

    • Pippin

      Not out of the box.

  6. Kevin

    Thank you for developing this plugin.

    May I ask whether the Jon listing can be hidden automatically when the subscription is expired?

    Thank you

    • Pippin

      Yes it can!

  7. Rick Doss

    Hi, using Content Restrict Pro and WP-Job-Manager, can I hide parts of the listing submission form with Restrict Pro? Meaning a basic subscriber should not be able see certain fields like photo gallery or add their website. A Pro subscriber can see “add photos” and “website” on the same form.

    • Pippin

      Not out of the box, sorry.

  8. Kavish Kansal


    Is there anyway of creating custom user roles and playing with them?

    Thank You

    • Pippin

      No, my plugin does not provide the option to create custom user roles.

  9. steve

    Hi Pippin,

    Does this work with Woocommerce Paid Listings?


    • Pippin

      Could you elaborate a little bit on exactly what you’d like to see and what requirements you have?

  10. Jeremy

    Hi Pippin,

    Does RCP and Listify use the same login system? For example, if my members want to access certain parts of the website that are members-only is that the same login system they would use to update their listify listing for their business?

    • Pippin

      Yes, they use the same log in system.

  11. Joe Wakeford

    Can job listings be made visible for logged-in members, and redirected to a login/other page for visitors?

  12. Joe Wakeford

    Where does one add widgets/alter the layout of the /job/ listing page?

    • Pippin Williamson

      The layout is controlled from the Jobs Manager plugin so you will need to consult their documentation / support for that.

  13. Joe Wakeford

    Where does one add widgets/alter the layout of the /job/ listing page?

    Also, how does one remove the “There are no responses so far.” from the job listing pages? Thanks!

  14. Pippin

    That is also controlled by the jobs plugin so consult their documentation / support.

    All our plugin does is limit who can view the job.

    • sharojit

      Hi Pippin,

      Dose RCP work on Job posting’s single page view? Mainly i want to show the job listing but don’t want to show single job post view without a premium membership plan for job seeker and only for register user. Is it possible using RCP?

      Thanks in advance

    • Pippin

      Yes, you can restrict the display on the single job listing page.

  15. T.

    Hi, I have set up a system whereby users users can subscribe to post job listings. This is done using the WC Paid Listings add-on from WP Jobs Manager, as well as the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on.
    I would like to create a new jobs subscription package for employers that also includes access to the Resume database (I have the Resume Manager add-on installed).
    I am worried that your plugin is actually creating a separate subscription system to the WC Paid Listings + WC Subscriptions one I am using. Is this the case, or are these systems integrated?
    I don’t want users to have to subscribe twice (i.e. once for posting jobs, and once for viewing resumes), or to have to manage 2 accounts. Would this add-on, in conjunction with the RCP one, provide an integrated system, or is it effectively a redundant subscription system? Thanks!

    • Pippin

      They will be separate systems.

  16. K

    Hi! I’m new to RCP and am not clear what this plugin is able to restrict. I want to be able to restrict access to WP Manager job listings. I would like for employers to be able to post for free and for job applicants to pay to view the listings. Is this possible? Thank you!

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