An improved bbPress add-on for Restrict Content Pro

A year and a half ago I released a basic add-on for Restrict Content Pro that allowed site admins to limit access to bbPress forums to paid subscribers. While it worked very well, it was pretty limited. It only had the ability to restrict access to forums based on the paid status of a member.…

bbPress Notices

This add-on plugin for bbPress will allow you to place forum-wide notices for alerting your users to important information, such as delayed response times, operating hours, new features, etc.

Restrict Content Pro – bbPress Extension

This is an add-on for the Restrict Content Pro that adds support for restricting bbPress forum and topics to paid members. While it does not have nearly the robust options that Restrict Content Pro offers for restricting content, this bbPress extension provides the features that 99% of users need: the simple ability to limit forum…

bbPress – Private Replies Extension

I run several support forums on the bbPress plugin and one of the issues I have constantly run into is how to provide a good way for users to post private information in their support threads, without having to email it or open a private ticket in a separate system. In order to solve this,…

bbPress Custom Notification Emails

bbPress includes a feature that allows users to subscribe to forum topics, meaning that anytime a new reply is posted to that topic, all subscribed users will receive an email alerting them of the reply. bbPress does not, however, provide an option to customize the contents of this email, so that’s what this extension for…

bbPress Mark as Read Plugin

This add-on plugin for bbPress will add new links to the top of bbPress topics that let the current user mark topics as either read or unread. Mark as Read / Unread links will be added to the top of each topic, right next to the Favorite and Subscribe links provided by bbPress core.

bbPress – Do Short Codes Plugin

bbPress a truly awesome WordPress plugin for providing a complete forum system inside of your WordPress. I’ve used it on quite a few sites now, and recently, while working on a client project, I needed short codes to work inside of forum posts, but they don’t by default. This is an extremely simple plugin that…

reCaptcha Plugin for bbPress 2.0 Topic Reply Forum

I run a dedicated support forum for my premium plugins, and it uses the wonderful new bbPress 2.0 forum plugin. The support forum has been active less than a month and already I’m seeing an influx of spam replies to the actual support topics posted by real users. Of course this is annoying and, at…

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