bbPress a truly awesome WordPress plugin for providing a complete forum system inside of your WordPress. I’ve used it on quite a few sites now, and recently, while working on a client project, I needed short codes to work inside of forum posts, but they don’t by default. This is an extremely simple plugin that enables short codes in both topics and replies.

This is an add-on plugin for bbPress and does not function on its own.

Disclaimer: with this plugin enabled, all users will be able to use short codes, not just admins and editors.

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  1. david

    I don’t think it’s a good idea.

    I would recomend bbpress shortcode whitelist plugin than this solution.

    • Pippin

      It’s not always safe for sure, but sometimes it is needed. I had a site last week that I needed short codes enabled on.

      A white list option would be a great idea to extend this with.

  2. turtlepod

    Right now i use “bbPress2 shortcode whitelist”

    and working nice.
    but there’s a little bug (easy to resolved but not yet updated):

    maybe you can colaborate with the plugin author?

    IMHO, your plugin is not for everyone. (not suitable for public?)
    with lot’s of theme not correctly add shortcode (check theme forest)
    and a lot of “not-save” shortcode plugins.
    the risk for huge for most user. specialy with open forum.

    • Pippin

      Oh that is excellent! That’s pretty funny actually as I searched for a bbPress short code-enabler before I put this one up but never found that.

      You’re absolutely right, it is NOT for everyone, hence the disclaimer 🙂

  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Perhaps this should be specific to WordPress rather than bbPress? It seems to me that if you are needing users to have shortcode access in your forum, that they are likely to also need it in comments and posts.

  4. David

    You might also be interested in GD bbPress Tools. It enables a whack of shortcodes.

    Ryan – I would not recommend the shortcodes being used sitewide. Many are similar to old HTML codes that have been replaced. If you used shortcodes while typically declaring your site is “Transitional” (opening line of most web pages), you’d confuse web browsers, cause potential display problems and would not be following web standards.

    Shortcodes are handy but dinosaur tech in CSS world.

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