I run a dedicated support forum for my premium plugins, and it uses the wonderful new bbPress 2.0 forum plugin. The support forum has been active less than a month and already I’m seeing an influx of spam replies to the actual support topics posted by real users. Of course this is annoying and, at times, difficult to manage manually. So today I wrote up a quick plugin that will add a reCaptcha anti-bot validation system to the topic reply form.

You can see the plugin live on my support forum, or just take a look at the screenshot below.

When a user tries to submit a reply and their reCaptcha input is invalid, a nice error message is displayed, like so:

I hope to expand the plugin to include support for displaying the reCaptcha form on the new topic forms as well. Please let me know what you think in the comments. The plugin is free to download below.

Change Log

Version 1.0.1 – removed reCaptcha for admin users

Version 1.0.2 – added reCaptcha to New Topic creation forms

Download Plugin
  1. jasonbahl

    Awesome! Good stuff!

    • Pippin

      Thanks! It was fun to write 🙂

  2. deckerweb

    Hi Pippin!
    Thank you, very useful plugin 🙂
    However, I have some wishes for improvement:
    – could you add localizations for the error messages etc.?
    – could you add automatic locale setting for the reCaptcha service so it loads a German box? (same way like in Gravity Forms?)
    – is it also possible to have some different color settings for the reCaptcha box? (also like in Gravity Forms?)
    – and maybe could you add it to the WP.org repository so it becomes updateable?
    – and last wish, maybe rename it so it is with all the other bbPress plugins with letter “b” at the first – like so “bbPress reCaptcha”

    Sorry, long list but only suggestions maybe the one or the other could be done 🙂
    Thanx again for your wonderful plugins and all your service. ROCKS!
    -Dave 🙂

    • Pippin


      Thanks for the feedback. This plugin started simply as a way for me to help get rid of the spam on my support forum, but it is going to expand to much more than that.

      I already have plans to add pretty much everything you mentioned 🙂

      Oh, and the plugin is on the wp.org repository 😉 it went up last night.

  3. TotalRevue

    Thanks been looking for a captcha form! Do you think it could expand to buddypress supported register pages?

    Also can I ask how you got the toolbar for bbpress forums? I really need a toolbar but cannot find a compatible or working plugin – thanks!

    • Pippin

      a reCaptcha plugin could definitely be made for buddypress, but I haven’t touched buddypress in a really long time, so not sure exactly how to structure it.

      Which toolbar? The one that provides extra formatting controls?

  4. Terry Jett

    Another great plugin to help a small crew manage bbPress. I love bbPress, but the spam it attracts can be overwhelming at times.

    Are you still improving upon this excellent idea / plugin?


    • Pippin

      I’m planning to make some improvements to it in the near future 🙂

  5. Villi

    Hi, It seems reCaptcha do not work, spam passes without hindrance

  6. Villi

    Yes, it works, but spam passes, I do not know how. Perhaps robots read it as well as we do.

    • Pippin

      The only way a reply can get submitted is if they fill out the captcha, so apparently uou have really smart spam, or there is another location on your site where they can submit replies without the reCaptcha.

    • Pippin

      There is not a setting for it, sorry.

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