This add-on plugin for bbPress will add new links to the top of bbPress topics that let the current user mark topics as either read or unread.

Mark as Read / Unread links will be added to the top of each topic, right next to the Favorite and Subscribe links provided by bbPress core.

You can view a list of all unread topics by going to your bbPress profile page. The unread topics will be shown below your Subscribed Forum Topics.

Note: this plugin is very much in beta. If you have problems with it, please post in the support forum and let me know instead of just leaving a bad rating. It’s very possible that large aspects of this plugin will change as it matures.

If you have suggestions or bugfixes for the plugin, please report them on Github.



Mark as Read for bbPress as been translated into the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Latvian
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  1. jschodde

    Will this work with the forums in BuddyPress?

    • Pippin

      I have not personally tested it, but I believe so.

  2. Ovizii

    seems to work with BuddyPress but since BP hijacks the bbpress profile, I cannot find a place to see read/unread posts.

    • Ovizii

      I take that back: its under: profile => Forums => Subscriptions 🙂

  3. Shep

    This is awesome! I know it is a work in progress, but I am very happy to see this plugin.

    How about a widget where we can have “Unread Topics”? It would surely make it easier for the user.

    Thanks again,

    • Pippin

      I’ll certainly consider that for a future update.

  4. Mark

    Is there a way to show a link to unread posts, rather than going into the user profile. I have been searching through your code, but cannot get it to work like that.

    Basically I want a link that will show all unread posts since the last visit.
    Other than that, the plugin works perfectly. Thank you.

    • Pippin

      Not out of the box, sorry.

  5. Kevin

    So if I mark a topic as “read” and then a user makes another post to the thread, will the thread then revert back to unread the next time I visit the forum?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  6. Tom

    As Kevin said, marking a post as unread once more users have posted makes the most sense. Where you’re storing the read_ids, could you not add a timestamp to that too? So that you could compare it with the topic’s ‘freshness’ timestamp?
    I’ve seen this done in another similar plugin called “bbpress-unread-posts” – the issue I have with that one, is that it seems to call the update_post_meta() method every time you read a topic. I think your method of using ajax after a set time has past makes much more sense.

    Any chance you might look into adding the timestamp thing?

  7. infomiasto

    Bbpress is a very nice addition but for me it is very difficult to set it nicely. It definitely requires a lot of work and learning to work well. And other forums are often already expanded with styles.

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