1. AJ Zane

    Great snippet, Pippin
    I noticed a small debug error:
    Notice: Undefined variable: form

    It can be easily fixed by adding
    $form = ”;
    Just before
    if (!is_user_logged_in()) {

  2. David Schmeikal

    Hi Pippin,
    I came across your plugin while scouring for a way to provide a solution to uniquely redirect the user to specific content depending on where they land.

    This plugin with its direct url approach was hopeful but I’ve encountered a problem.
    The idea was that a user would simply be redirected to the same page they landed on after they login. Your plugin has them going to /wp-login.php and it’s just a white screen, it doesn’t do anything after that.

    my shortcode: [loginform redirect=”http://inkochostudios.com/hatchabrand/brand-personality-exploration/”]

    I am using this member plugin to hide my content behind a login http://themehybrid.com/plugins/members

    • Pippin

      Do you have any other plugins that are blocking access to wp-login?

  3. David Schmeikal

    Not sure if my other comment went through or not. Came to a white screen after submitting a reply.

    I do not have any plugins that block wp-login.
    I have my suspicions that its theme related, but I dont have the skill set to determine that.

    • David Schmeikal

      Hi Pippin,
      Any thoughts on my problem at all?
      We will be moving to another theme but I was hoping we might be able to get this working before then.

    • Pippin

      As a quick test, switch to one of the default themes and see if the problem goes away.

    • David Schmeikal

      Hi Pippin,
      Just gave that a shot and encountered the same problem. Redirects to wp-login.php and it’s just a blank browser window.

    • David Schmeikal

      Hi Pippen, Just thought I’d touch base and see if you’ve come up with any ideas why. Would you be willing to have a look if I gave you access?
      I appreciate you’re smoking busy, let me know if it’s possible.

    • David Schmeikal

      Hi Pippin,
      Just one more update. I had only the your plugin and the members plugin running on a default wordpress theme and still had the same problem.

    • Pippin

      Sorry for the delay. As Kyle said below, could you try disabling the members plugin to see if that makes a difference?

  4. Kyle

    Why not disable the Members plugin and see if the problem gives away. Then you will know which plugin is causing the problem. If it goes away you know it is probably permissions caused by the Members plugin, then it is something else.


  5. Rudd

    Not sure why, but looks like the plugin isn’t working on WP 3.9. Tried on both localhost (only this plugin activated) and live site (few other plugins activated), but the form didn’t show up. Any thought?

  6. Tony

    First, love your plugin. It is what I am looking for. My question is (and I am a novice, sorry) You mention that you can set the redirect for a successful login. Where do you add that information?

  7. Weird Mike

    Thank you! This worked perfectly!

  8. Sharon

    Hello! Love this plugin!

    Just curious… Is it possible to modify this to work with the Woocommerce login? Keeping all features the same?


    • Pippin

      Hi Sharon!

      Are you wanting to replace the standard WooCommerce login form with this or just allow customers to log into their WooCommerce accounts on a stand alone page?

    • Sharon

      Hi Pippin!

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

      I’d love to have the Woocommerce login form show up on a specific page using shortcode, with a redirect to a specific URL.

      That would be dreamy. 🙂

      Thanks again!

    • Pippin

      Thank you for the clarification. I’m sorry but that is not supported.

    • Sharon

      Totally understand… Just planting a seed for later, maybe… 😉

      Thanks, Pippin!

  9. toolmarketersite

    Help -I really need this plugin to work.

    I installed the plugin used the shortcode on a page but its not displaying?

    Do I need to install that bunch of code in functions.php?

  10. drjamespratt

    Hey, It’s redirect me to my admin dashboard. Can you please help..:(

    • adnan

      You probably didn’t change the placeholder url in shortcode to your url >> [loginform redirect=”http://my-redirect-url.com”]

  11. Nicolas


    Once the user is already logged in, it is possible to show a message like: “You are already logged in, click to see your dashboard”, or something like that?

    I tried to do it, but dint works.

    • Pippin Williamson

      You can achieve that by using the is_user_logged_In() function to determine if the user is logged in.

  12. Techinshorts

    Hello, this shortcode is really helpful and I implement on on wp blog.

  13. shima


    Thank you very much for this plugin. However, I have a bit issue. How I want to change the GET method to POST method if I used wp-login to logout? I mean to redirect from logout page to home page.

    Thank you

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