Sugar FAQs is a complete Frequently Asked Questions management plugin for WordPress. It provides an FAQ custom post type that can be used to effortlessly add FAQ sections to your website.

FAQs are displayed in a slick accordion style that allows for a stylish and efficient way for you to get your customer’s most common questions answered. FAQs can be Topicalized into Topics, providing excellent organization of questions, and then each Topic (with its respective questions) can be displayed anywhere you wish in your theme.

The accordion FAQs are powered purely by CSS3 for modern browsers, with jQuery back up for Internet Explorer. They are extremely flexible and will fit within any theme flawlessly. If you decide you would rather use your theme’s default post layout, then that is fully support as well!

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  1. James Mike

    Also wanted to confirm what is the purpose of topic..?
    Can we display topic in front end..
    Another issue is that when i ask a question .
    Title is saved as “Title” of question in backend
    “Your Question” is saved in content area in backend.
    where should i write answer to publish..?

    • Pippin

      It lets you categorize the questions into different topic, such as pre-sales, tech support,etc.

      When questions are submitted, write the answer in the main content area and then publish it.

  2. Oliver

    Is possible to config t’he alert email with all t’he informativo of the faq form?

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