Structuring Your First WordPress Plugin

Knowing how to best structure your plugin is very, very important to the success and quality of your plugin. You should spend several minutes laying out the structure of your plugin before you ever begin writing it. This part of the Writing Your First WordPress Plugin series will walk you through the process of laying…

Customize Plugin Action Links

Plugin Action links are the links, such as Deactivate, that are displayed on the plugin entry in the WordPress plugins page. These links are extremely useful for helping your users find their way around the admin section of your plugin, as well as for providing helpful links such as Contact or Support.

Create Database Tables When Plugin is Activated

Using custom database tables for your WordPress plugins is one of the way that you can greatly improve the kind of plugins you are able to create. DB tables give you a way to manage, organize, and save data for your plugin, and creating them for your plugin is very simple.