Restrict Content Pro is my premium subscription management plugin. WP Jobs Manager is a free plugin from Mike Jolley for managing job listings from WordPress. This is a simple extension for both plugins that allows you to restrict jobs posting to members who have paid subscriptions through Restrict Content Pro.

This extension does NOT function without WP Jobs Manager AND Restrict Content Pro installed.

Once activated, a new Jobs Limit field will be added to the Subscription Level Add / Edit screens where you can set the maximum number of jobs members can submit during each pay period.

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  1. matt

    Hi there. I bought your restrict content pro plugin and am using it for WP Job Manager. Is there any way to create subscriptions where I can have a bronze, silver, and gold package? And only allow bronze users to post 2 jobs for 30 days, silver can post 3 jobs for 30 days, gold can post 5 jobs for 30 days… etc?

    Or in other terms, is there a way to actually limit the number of job postings that a certain user can have?


    • Pippin

      Not at this time but I will consider adding it if I get enough requests for it.

    • Matt

      What would it cost for you to add this feature for me? 🙂

    • Pippin

      It would probably take me 3-4 hours of development time.

    • Jessy

      Hi Pippin,

      so to add this 3-4h, and how many that’s do ? Because it interests me too !


    • Andrea

      Hi Pippin,

      having this feature can be good for me as well, especially if you can identify what kind of posts are allowed.
      For example: bronze can post 2 jobs for 30 days, including one page and one image gallery; silver can post 3 jobs for 30 days, including one page and one image gallery AND one video; gold can post 5 jobs for 30 days, including one page and one image gallery AND one video AND other 2 pages.
      Do you think this can be possible?
      If you want I can send you a better explanation of the website I need to implement 🙂

  2. Jason

    I’d love to see that feature as well.

  3. Fred - InternNow

    +1 that would be the finishing touch to this plugin please consider trying to add this! Would be exteremely useful to many people

  4. Jared Russell

    That would be an incredible finishing touch. 100% in support of this feature being added!

  5. Joe W

    +1 Another vote for this!

  6. Pippin


    • Matt

      Awesome! Does that mean the update will be here within the next week?

    • Pippin

      That has not yet been determined. I haven’t scheduled any work for this yet.

    • Matt

      Could you also email me hours/price it would cost to add this extension?

    • Pippin


  7. Roger Licup

    I actually just emailed you this question. I think it would be very beneficial for all of us to have this extra features. Please consider it. Thanks

    • Pippin

      Just answered!

  8. Stephen

    If I download this plugin today will it have the updated option to limit / offer certain number of job postings that any one certain user can have such as bronze users to post 2 jobs for 30 days, silver can post 3 jobs for 30 days, gold can post 5 jobs for 30 days… etc?

    • Pippin

      Not at this time because I haven’t updated it yet. I do plan to add support for that, I just don’t know when.

    • Roger Licup

      any way we can make it sooner? My client is asking the same functionality and I don’t know if I can deliver it.

    • Pippin

      If you’re interested in funding the development, I can make it happen much sooner.

    • Roger

      Thanks Matt! You just solved my problems!

    • Pippin

      His is a good one.

  9. Iriquois Pliskin

    I would prefer to have your plugin do this feature instead of the woocommerce-style one. Rather than packages of job listings, I’d prefer to sell monthly subscriptions of “Basic – post 5 jobs/mo., Advanced – post 20 jobs/mo., and Unlimited – post unlimited jobs/mo.” I’d also be happy to fund the development at the right price. For how much would you be willing to develop that feature?

    • Pippin

      It would probably take 2 hours of development at $137 per hour.

    • Jose Ruiz


      I will be willing to go fund this feature as well.

      Iroquois – you pay half and I pay half?


  10. Jose


    Happy New Year! Any updates on when you will add the # of jobs per subscription feature? Im looking to have stand-alone job packages (which I can do with Mike’s plugin already) AND subscription based job packages. This feature is my only missing link now.

    • Pippin

      Not yet, sorry.

  11. Myles

    Yeah +1 on this as well, all I want is subscription based packages.

    I wish I would have done more research before buying RCP just for this purpose, as it does not currently exist with RCP and now I have no use for it.


    • Pippin

      Still on my immediate todo list.

  12. Roger Licup


  13. Pippin

    Just to let everyone know, I’m actively working on this update now. I hope to have it finished within a day or two.

  14. Roger Licup

    Your the Man!

  15. Pippin

    The update is out!

    Once you install version 2.0, you will have a new option added to the Subscription Level Add / Edit screen where you can limit the number of jobs a user can submit per pay period:

    • Roger Licup


      For someone like me who purchase the plugins two months ago – I can just updates it right?

    • Pippin


  16. Roger Licup

    and how do I go about on doing that?
    I already updated the RCP – WP Job Manager Bridge to 2.0
    Am i suppose to update the Restrict Content Pro as well?

    • Pippin

      Nope, you only need to update RCP WP Job Manager Bridge.

  17. Roger Licup

    Thank you for a quick response. I did that Pippin but I don’t see any changes..the last options was the status..something I missed?

    • Pippin

      Did you go to Restrict > Subscription Levels and click Edit on one of your levels? There will be a field added to the bottom of that screen.

  18. Roger Licup

    I did. I don’t see any of the new field. I will delete the plugins and re install it. I got another question, Is it possible to have multiple users in one subscription account? sharing privileges to post? is that an add-ons?

    • Pippin

      What version of Restrict Content Pro do you have?

      No, I don’t have an add-on for multi-user, sorry.

  19. Roger Licup

    Version 1.9.2

    • Pippin

      Could you please update to v1.9.5?

    • Roger Licup

      Do I need to purchase it again? or I can just update it?

    • Pippin

      No need to purchase again (as long as your license key is still valid). Did you enter your license key in settings? If so (and it shows as “active”), you should see an update notification for the plugin.

    • Roger Licup

      Great! Thank you so much!

    • Roger Licup

      Pippin, it’s weird but somehow I can’t see that updates button even though I can see the “active” phrase on my license key. Is there anyway I can download it? send me a link?

      thank you !

  20. Alam Hallan

    Downloaded and installed your plugin along with the wp job manager, paid listing etc. a few problems
    1. the plans I had listed in the products (one time cost for a job listing) have disappeared. Any way to get them back??? I would like to use them along with your subscription options
    2. The color of the subscription pack does not match the theme, it is going back to the default settings.


    • Alam Hallan

      Also there is no add to cart button on the plans. when i click on the plan, it redirects me to the blog page.

    • Alam Hallan

      I have tried to do a workaround this problem. I turned off the bridge which allowed me to use the job packages with the wp job manager.

      I am trying to use the restrict content pro just to sell subscription packages. The only problem is that when the users buy the package, I want them to get upgraded to a contributor from a subscriber. I have set up the packages to do that but its not happening automatically. any suggestions???

    • Pippin

      1. How did you list them? Can you show me an example?

      2. That is controlled by your theme (Jobify). You will need to contact their support for that:

      3. To have subscribers upgraded to contributors, you need to select the “Contributor” userlevel when creating the subscription level in Restrict > Subscription Levels.

  21. Jose Ruiz


    I am setting up a site to use RCP to manage members, but not necessarily to sell membership. I have set up a free subscription for those members. Couple of issues come up:

    1. RCP registers them to be a free member (ok), but not an Active member (needed to submit jobs)

    2. While testing it, after I click on register, it takes an unusual amount of time to redirect to the success page. I get all the email notifications before the page redirects.

    Please advise,



    • Pippin

      1. In order to have a free subscription level that grants an “active” status, the subscription must have an expiration date assigned to it. If you don’t want your users to expire, you could set it to something like10 years. Would that work for you?

      2. Are you using the Pushover extension by chance?

    • Jose Ruiz


      1. Yes, that would be an ok workaround. Thank You.
      2. No, I am not using Pushover

    • Pippin

      Can you give me a list of the other plugins you have installed?

    • Pippin

      I don’t see anything in that list that would cause it.

      Is it slow every single time?

  22. Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

    This is more a question about WP Job Manager but perhaps this is an easy one — it’s the last piece I need to figure out before knowing this is the golden path::)

    We aren’t actually going to be posting Jobs but Opportunities (for brands to connect with bloggers). So my question — how would I swap out all the Job / Jobs text for another word like Opportunity Opportunities.

    I saw somewhere the comment “by localization” but am not clear on that nor how to do that.

    Thanks for your input.

  23. FindAnyWork

    i submitted this issue here:

    but maybe here its a better place for it. sorry if incase i am spamming 🙂

    after creating an account:
    price: 10
    Signup Fee: -10

    whenever a user choose that account and click submit, it directs the user to paypal to pay $10.
    from my understanding, it suppose to detect 10 from the price. so no need to direct the user to paypal. correct ?

  24. Angel Cardenas

    Hello! i have a question, with this addon can i to hide a phone number that is showed in the resume page for non-registered users?

    • Pippin

      No you cannot, sorry.

  25. Koustave

    Hi Pippin,

    I just bought the Restrict Content pro and the Stripe Gateway add on.

    How can I limit the number of applications just like I can limit job posts via the WP Job Manager bridge?

    After buying the Stripe plugin I realized I actually needed the Paypal express plugin because Stripe is not available in my country. I’ll be grateful if you can give me an exchange.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Pippin

      Limiting the number of applications is not supported, sorry.

      If you tell me your purchase receipt ID, I can swap the plugins.

    • Pippin

      I’ve just swapped the plugins for you.

  26. Koustave

    Thanks Pippin for replying quickly. I thought it did as the plugin description said so on Git hub. Is there a way to work around or would you add the feature in future?

    You are great! Here’s my receipt ID – 71ffc6ddbc43c5ea04965f931cbc9e02

    Thanks again

  27. Koustave

    Awesome, but how do I download it?

  28. Koustave

    Aah got it! Thanks a lot.

  29. Dips

    Here’s the scenario.

    1. Subscriber level: Normal
    2. Period: 30 days
    3. Jobs allowed: 1

    After the subscriber posts the job, he/she wants to edit it but RCP does not allow editing. Is there any way that editing can be allowed?

    • Pippin

      Edit the job posting?

    • Dips

      Sorry, I wasn’t clear but yes, edit the job even though the job manager is set to allow edits.

      For a plan with one job after the job is posted, the user is unable to edit it because I think RCP thinks that the user is trying to submit a new job.

    • Pippin

      If you deactivate RCP temporarily, is the user able to edit?

    • Dips

      I disabled RCP and editing is allowed but when I enable RCP I am unable to edit the job. This happens when I set the plan as 1 job per month plan.

      Now I am selling this plan as inferior because editing is not allowed so maybe its a good thing lol 🙂

    • Pippin

      I’ll look into it to see if I can resolve the issue. I’m traveling at the moment so may be a while before I can get to it.

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