1. Mayur


    How would I link this to a payment page? As when they register I want to charge them for access to my site.

    Many Thanks

  2. Sadrack León

    Hi Pippin. This tutorial is very good, well explained and very complete. I have only one problem: I tried to add a Captcha test, but I can’t make it work. Could you assist me?


    • Pippin

      If you show me your code I can try.

  3. dominik

    i know that this is supposed to be a simple example, but you are not sanitizing the first name or last name inputs unless I missed something and anyone following this example would have a very nice security flaw in their registration process.

    • Pippin

      You are absolutely right. I’ll get it updated with proper sanitization.

  4. Alex

    Could you please tell me how to add the google no reCAPTCHA to this plugin?

  5. kimhuy

    This tutorial is great working for user front-end login and registration. One more I want to add a lost password form for user click submit to get an email reset link. Hope you can help 🙂

  6. Gagan Verma

    i hope you got me Pippin??

  7. kavita

    hello i want to create plugin for registration by using opt verification how can do it

  8. Tanu

    how can i convert it into a multi step registration form??

  9. sam

    that’s very good plugin, I love it

  10. Vishal Sharma

    I have created this registered form, but it is not reflecting in my site, and showing default wordpress registration and login.
    Also, motive to create this form is to customize retgistration form which login site using only user email , no password.
    please help me regarding this.


    • Vishal Sharma

      Sorry, i just found the way. now it is displaying but still i have question that what changes should i make to login just by email , no password require. please help.


    • Toon

      @ thamaraiselvam
      Create a post or page and add the shortcake [register_form].
      Then open that page or post in your browser.

  11. Kalpesh

    Excellent Plugin its very use full us.

  12. Toon

    I really like this tutorial. It gave me a lot more insight in creating plugins. Thank you for that.
    One simple question though:
    How can I prevent the new registered user from being logged in?
    I commented out every bit that makes the user get logged in, but that doesn’t seem to work.
    I think it has something to do with the s2Member plugin, because I tested it on another website (without s2Member) and then the new registered user does not get logged in (exactly what I wanted).

    Any ideas what may cause this?

    • Pippin

      Could you post your final code to snippi.com and then share a link so I can see it?

  13. Tabira

    Great plugin, I also Use Custom Login Form plugin on wordpress for your website. It is designed with security, redirection and design/style features for Website and you can Customize your admin login page.

Error: Please enter a valid email address

Error: Invalid email

Error: Please enter your first name

Error: Please enter your last name

Error: Please enter a username

Error: Please enter a password

Error: Please confirm your password

Error: Password and password confirmation do not match