Batch processing for big data

When it comes to handling large amounts of data, there is really only one way to reliably do it: batch processing. The concept of batch processing is simple. Instead of performing one large query and then parsing / formatting the data as a single process, you do it in batches, one small piece at a time. If you have ever attempted to query or export a large amount of data and had your server timeout, you’ll easily understand just how beneficial batch processing is.


A look at the posts_where filter in WordPress

The WP_Query class in WordPress is extremely robust and allows you to construct just about any kind of query you need for retrieving data from the wp_posts table, but there are still scenarios you will encounter when building your plugins that WP_Query doesn’t support. Before WordPress 3.7, the posts_where filter was used primarily for setting up date-range queries and…

Template File Loaders in Plugins

Template files are very standard for themes and heavily used in child themes. For example, if a user wants to modify the layout of their site pages, they can simply copy page.php from their parent theme to a child theme, modify the HTML structure, and the changes will be reflected on the site. While it’s…

User Follow System – Part 7

In this final part of the User Follow System tutorial series, we will create two short codes, one for displaying a follow/unfollow link for a user and one for displaying a list of recent posts from users you (the currently logged-in user) follow. We will wrap up the series by also showing a few areas…

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