Introduction to Using Nonces for Form Validation

Nonces are used to add an extra layer of security to WordPress. They are typically used when submitting form data to ensure that the form is being submitted from where it’s supposed to. Nonce fields help us protect our forms from malicious attacks and non-authorized submissions. This tutorial will introduce you to using nonces in…

Change Password Form Short Code

A few weeks ago I wrote a tutorial about creating front end registration and login forms. Now it’s time to create a very similar form, but for changing a logged-in user’s password. The process is really pretty simple, and quite similar.

Post Data with Ajax in WordPress Plugins

In this tutorial I am going to cover how to use Ajax to submit and process form data in your WordPress plugins. In order to tie things together, and to provide you a real world example, I am going to be working with the code used in my Short Code Contact form plugin.