Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development 101

I’m beginning a new tutorial series on WordPress Plugin Development 101. It will start at the very beginning and look at the fundamentals of plugin development in WordPress. This is a quick video post Video (embed is broken) The series will cover the following topics: What makes a plugin What can/should be a plugin…

WordPress Conditional Tags – An Overview

Conditional tags are functions used in WordPress themes and plugins to display content, or perform actions, based upon whether a certain condition is true or not. A condition can be anything; it might be a condition for whether the user is currently viewing the homepage, or a condition for whether the user is currently logged-in.…

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin Part 4

In part four of Writing Your First WordPress Plugin, I demonstrate how to load style sheets with your plugin. I also walk you through some best practices in terms of efficiency in regards to when you should, and should not, load styles/scripts with your plugin. You must be logged in and have an active premium…

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin Part 3

In part 3 of this tutorial series, I describe a couple of fundamental techniques for beginner WordPress plugin developers. This section details a very important function for WordPress plugins: how to add any kind of content to the end of a post. I show how it is done, and then also demonstrate some real world…

Structuring Your First WordPress Plugin

Knowing how to best structure your plugin is very, very important to the success and quality of your plugin. You should spend several minutes laying out the structure of your plugin before you ever begin writing it. This part of the Writing Your First WordPress Plugin series will walk you through the process of laying…

Simple Flickr Display Plugin

Ever wanted a function to display your Flickr photos anywhere you want? This quick plugin will give you exactly that: a simple function that you can place anywhere in your template that you want to display a list of photos from a Flickr account.

Making a Simple Google +1 Plugin

Google recently releases its Plus One service, and, as usual, dozens of people immediately made WordPress plugins utilizing it. Google Traffic Pop by Tyler Quinn is an excellent example. In this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to make a (very simple) Google +1 plugin for WordPress.

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