This tutorial demonstrates how to display a list of recent custom post type entries in any widgetized sidebar in less than 5 minutes. The widget is provided by my plugin called Better Recent Posts Widget Pro, and it is exceptionally powerful, yet very easy to use. The widget will allow us to list entries from any custom post type, and also give us the option of restricting the entries displayed to those filed in a specific custom taxonomy term.

In the video above, I demonstrate how I have used Easy Content Types to create a custom post type called “Books”, and a custom taxonomy called “Genres”. Each of my books is then filed into a specific genre. Using the Better Recent Posts Pro widget, I am then able to display recent Book entries in any widgetized sidebar, in less than 5 minutes.

Even though I have created my custom post types with Easy Content Types, you could use the same widget to display entries from any custom post type, even though registered manually, or with another plugin.

  1. Mia

    Does your plugin allow me to display just the custom taxonomy links under a heading? For example, if you wanted to display all the Genres (with linked title) within a widget called “Books”. In other words, you dont want to display the custom post links, just the links to the taxonomy/field name/key….

    • Pippin

      Easy Content Types itself doesn’t, but this free plugin does.

  2. Dr. Yashwant Choudhary

    The tutorial is not visible to me. shows only a blank space in the middle.

    • Pippin


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