Nav Menu Roles Plugin

Occasionally a plugin is released that really excites me. Today that happened with the new plugin from Kathy Darling called “Nav Menu Roles”. It’s a really simple plugin that makes it possible to restrict nav menu items to users of a specific role, and it works really well.

Review: Fanciest Author Box

The Fanciest Author Box plugin is a nice and simple, yet powerful, way to display author’s personal information at the top or bottom of WordPress posts. It’s a great addition to just about any multi-author blog. I was asked to review the plugin by the developers, and after doing so was very pleased. In the…

Review: Easy Translation Manager

Easy Translation Manager is a plugin developer by the Right Here group and is a plugin for easily translating the content of your website into multiple languages. It can handle plugin, theme, content, and menu translation and is, overall, a very robust and quality plugin.

Review: Cleverness To-Do List

Last week, after I announced my Plugin Code Review service for premium members, I was asked to review the Cleverness To-Do List plugin by Elusive Light. I was so happy with the plugin that I’ve decided to do a video review and demonstration for everyone here.

Review: Easy Admin Notification

Late last year I wrote a quick tutorial on how to show custom admin notifications to the WordPress dashboard. These notices are a really great tool for plugin / theme developers to use for showing alerts to their users. Easy Admin Noticaition is simple little plugin that let’s you do the same thing as my…

Review: Easy User Fields

RĂ©mi Corson is a good friend of mine who has been so kind as to translate Restrict Content Pro into French. Recently he released a plugin called Easy User Fields that provides a very easy-to-use interface for adding custom meta fields to user profiles.

Review: Edit Author Slug Plugin

Occasionally I come across plugins that are just awesome. While working on a client project that had a membership directory, I needed the ability to view profile details for each individual user in the directory. By default, WordPress uses the “/author/username” slug when viewing a user. Well for a directory of members (not authors), this…

Review: Saola – Custom Contextual Help for Every Admin Page

The Saola – Custom Contextual Help for Every Admin Page plugin that was just released by Morfi is a really slick little plugin that makes it really easy to add contextual help tabs to any page in the WordPress dashboard. I decided to pick up a copy of the plugin and give it a short…

Review: Cudazi Scroll to Top

Cudazi, a very popular Theme Forest author who also dabbles in plugins, released a sweet little plugin today called Cudazi Scroll to Top. It adds a nice smooth scroll-to-top button to your WordPress site. The plugin is very, very simple, but excellent executed.

Review: nrelate Related Content WordPress Plugin

nrelate is a related content plugin that uses some patent-pending technology to deliver related content to your readers. Instead of simply relating content by categories or tags, it actually analyzes the post content, and finds other posts/pages/links on your site with similar content. One of the things that makes this plugin unique, as compared to…

Review: SocialBox – Social Widget for WordPress

SocialBox is a premium WordPres widget available from Code and developed by JonasDoebertin. It provides a widget that can show your subscriber count on four different social networks: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and FeedBurner. It also displays “subscribe” links for each network.

Improved Cron Plugin Review

Anyone who worked with WordPress’s built in scheduling (cron) system may have come across the problem that many other developers have: it sucks. The problem is that the WordPress cron system only works if there are continual visits to the website. If there are no visits, cron jobs do not run. Improved Cron by Paul’s…

Widget Ninja Premium Plugin Review

Widget Ninja is a new premium plugin from the Web Factory, available at Code It provides a method for users to control in exactly which environment their widgets appear.