SocialBox is a premium WordPres widget available from Code and developed by JonasDoebertin. It provides a widget that can show your subscriber count on four different social networks: FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and FeedBurner. It also displays “subscribe” links for each network.

From the author:

With SocialBox you get an absolutely easy to use WordPress Plugin which enables you to add a sleek social widget to your WordPress site or blog. It displays the current numbers of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube Channel and Feedburner Feed subscriptions. You can enter default values which will be shown if the related API is not reachable.

I picked the plugin up a few days ago (you can see it in the sidebar) and was immediately impressed with its quality. While the task it performs is relatively simple, and there are numerous free plugins that can do more or less the same, SocialBox definitely stands above the crowd with it’s high quality. The widget works perfectly, is clear and easy to use, and provides a nice addition to any WordPress site.

After installing the widget, I took the liberty of opening the PHP file and looking at the code base and was very pleasantly surprised to see how well the plugin was written. JonasDoebertin built the widget using good, solid, up-to-standard OOP code and even included caching for network subscribers count, helping to ensure the plugin takes very few resources.

If you’re looking for a new social widget, I highly recommend this one.

My Rating: ★★★★★

  1. vmedia

    nice review.. simple and beautiful little plugin.. updated regularly

  2. Terry

    I wish the like button increased your count instead of taking you to your Facebook Page and remaining unliked. If you have a fix for this I’d like to purchase that from you.


    • Pippin

      Terry, I’m not the developer of the plugin, I just reviewed it 🙂 You will need to contact the author on Code Canyon.

  3. Pushkar Kohli

    Looking forward to use this on my website, can i get a download link ??

    • Pippin

      You have to purchase the plugin from

  4. Victoria

    I am looking for a social plugin that doesn’t show the count and I noticed that your plugin on the side doesn’t show the public count. Are you using Social Box plugin and if so how did you do it so the count doesn’t show?
    Thanks so much for your help Pippin!

    • Pippin

      I customized the plugin code.

    • Victoria

      I kinda figured. Is it difficult for a non-techy person to do?

    • Pippin

      Not too difficult, you just need to find where the counts are outputted.

  5. Mon Villarin

    Hello im really interested with this plugin for my site. But my only question is does this plugin supports google plus?

    • Pippin

      Not that I”m aware of.

  6. Sarah Bright

    I added this on my both sites and but apart from a link to my tweeter it doesn’t do anything. I have wordpress 4.0.1 and activated the default theme, then switched back to the one I am using. Still nothing. If there is any way you guys can help it would be great. Thanks

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