Easy Translation Manager is a plugin developer by the Right Here group and is a plugin for easily translating the content of your website into multiple languages. It can handle plugin, theme, content, and menu translation and is, overall, a very robust and quality plugin.

Features of the plugin include:

  • Translate Pages
  • Translate Posts, Custom Post Types, Post Tags and Post Categories
  • Translate Plugins
  • Translate Themes
  • Translate Custom Fields on Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types
  • Support for translation of Attachment Image
  • Support for translation for ALT text for featured image
  • Support for translation of Permalinks
  • Enable usage of Custom Language Permalinks
  • Support for translation of Post slug
  • Support for translation of Post description
  • Enable feature that makes a flag (language) inactive if the content has not been translated.
  • Enable hide elements that has not been translated (Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories, Menus)
  • Support for translation of Excerpt content for all Posts and Pages
  • Support for translation of custom URL in menus
  • Support for translation of Title attribute in menus
  • Support for both WordPress and WordPress Multisite
  • Test translations before launch (IP address restricted)
  • Set availability of items for translation (very useful if using external translators)
  • Hide Author of themes and plugins (very useful if you are using this for a client or using external translator)
  • 13 Custom Capabilities
  • Insert tag for choosing language directly in your theme
  • Insert Widget in Sidebar
  • 4 different sizes of flags to choose from
  • Support for Export and Import of translations
  • Support for multiple languages in wp-admin (easy upload language .mo files)
  • Dashbord Metabox with flags for easy selecting language for wp-admin.
  • Support for WordPress Multisite
  • Support for WordPress SEO by Yoast (If you have this plugin installed ETM will support SEO for each language you translate)
  • Support for WordPress SEO by Yoast XML sitemap to include translated Permalinks
  • Support for Custom Widget Areas add-on for Easy Translation Manager (assign Custom Widget Areas to a specific language).

My Rating: ★★★★★

Purchase Plugin – $25
  1. cmegown

    Great stuff Pippin, I discovered your work a few months ago and have been gobbling up all the tutorials and reviews I can find. Keep up the great work!

    I’m needing to translate a 2 month old site in prod to French – but haven’t attempted translating in WordPress yet. I’ve seen the above review and your tutorial on localizing plugins (as well as the theme localization you referred to in that video), but I have a question regarding this particular plugin.

    I’m assuming I need to localize my theme before this plugin will work? Do I need to create a .po file before it will pick up on the translatable text in my theme? Once I can get the plugin running, I’m confident, but getting to that point might be a little tougher for a I18n noob like me.

    Any suggestions?

    • Pippin

      As long as the plugin/theme is localized, it will work. The .po/.mo files are not required by Easy Translation Manager. If the .po/.mo files are there, they will be used, but they are not required.

  2. spham

    When translated, ETM created .po/.mo file ? or all translation are in database ?


    • Pippin

      They are all in the database.

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