Late last year I wrote a quick tutorial on how to show custom admin notifications to the WordPress dashboard. These notices are a really great tool for plugin / theme developers to use for showing alerts to their users. Easy Admin Noticaition is simple little plugin that let’s you do the same thing as my tutorial, but without touching any code.

Rémi Corson is the developer of the plugin, and this is how he describes the plugin:

This plugin helps admins to easily create admin notification inside the WordPress administration.

Short and brief, which is perfect for this plugin because that’s exactly how it functions. Unlike some plugins that use “Easy” in the name, this plugin really is very easy to use. There’s just a single admin settings screen that lets you define the message to display. You can also choose from a few options, such as whether the notice should be an info or error message, where it should only be shown to admin users, and whether a “hide” link should be included.

The only thing I found that I did not like about the plugin was that the “Admin Notification” menu is located under the Appearance menu. This seems illogical to me. When I first activated the plugin I immediately looked under the “Tools” and “Dashboard” menus, followed by Settings. The “Appearance” was the last main menu I looked under.

Overall, the plugin works very, very well, and is quite simple to use. If you run a site with lots of activity in the Dashboard, this I’d highly recommend Easy Admin Notification.

My Rating: ★★★★★

  1. nicolas

    Wow! This plugin could be very helpful and enhanced for EDD if a – Calendar system – was available.

    For instance i want a reminder to tell myself (admin) that every 3rd of the month, i have to make a global paypal payment to my vendors.

    With a calendar and a add note field that will display from the day / month and year ipick up on the calendar i can set in advance for several months (or years) things i have to do i’m my daily.

    Hope it could be done someday even on a Pro version (so i can purchase it without any hesitation) !!
    Thank you very much

  2. Aneel

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if this plugin has the ability to notify admins across several sites (not using Multisite) if the plugin is installed within each site. We’re looking for a way to notify all our clients of messages, but don’t want to go through each client dashboard to add a new message.

    Is this possible, would you happen to know of a different plugin that can do this if not?


    • Pippin

      No, it doesn’t, sorry.

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