Sugar Event Calendar – Google Maps

Sugar Event Calendar is a a simple, elegant Event Calendar plugin for WordPress that keeps event management incredibly simply. This is an add-on plugin for Sugar Event Calendar that lets you easily display a Google Map of the event location on the event details page.


bbPress Mark as Read Plugin

This add-on plugin for bbPress will add new links to the top of bbPress topics that let the current user mark topics as either read or unread. Mark as Read / Unread links will be added to the top of each topic, right next to the Favorite and Subscribe links provided by bbPress core.


bbPress – Do Short Codes Plugin

bbPress a truly awesome WordPress plugin for providing a complete forum system inside of your WordPress. I’ve used it on quite a few sites now, and recently, while working on a client project, I needed short codes to work inside of forum posts, but they don’t by default. This is an extremely simple plugin that…


Restrict Content Pro – Affiliates Add-On

This add-on for Restrict Content Pro lets you track and award affiliate earnings through the Affiliates plugin, both light and pro versions. If you’d like to boost your site’s membership and reward those that help you do so, this add-on will help you do just that.


Simple Notices Plugin

This is a simple plugin that adds a notification system to your WordPress via custom post types. Simple Notices gives you a way to make announcements that are displayed site-wide at the top of your site. Use this plugin to keep your users up to date about important announcements on the site.


reCaptcha Plugin for bbPress 2.0 Topic Reply Forum

I run a dedicated support forum for my premium plugins, and it uses the wonderful new bbPress 2.0 forum plugin. The support forum has been active less than a month and already I’m seeing an influx of spam replies to the actual support topics posted by real users. Of course this is annoying and, at…


CGC Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress

This is a simple, very easy to use Maintenance Mode plugin that allows you to put your site into “maintenance mode” in order to perform updates or other changes. The plugin allows you to specify a set of authorized IP addresses for people that will be allowed to see the site normally, and also to…


Posts By Taxonomy Widget Plugin – Free

This plugin will provide a widget that allows you to display a list of terms from any custom (or built-in) taxonomy with a list of recent posts filed in each term. The terms are displayed in a list with each term’s posts shown in a nested list.


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