Soliloquy is the only jQuery image slider plugin for WordPress that I recommend. It is built by Thomas Griffin, and is simply phenomenal.

There are a few things that set Soliloquy apart from the huge array of other slider plugins. First, it is exceptionally user friendly. The user interface is built to integrate with WordPress perfectly; you hardly even realize that it’s a plugin, and not a natural extension of the WordPress admin.

Second, the plugin is coded far better than any other slider plugin I have ever seen, and not just in the way that it follows WordPress coding standards. The code that powers Soliloquy, is highly extensible, which takes it another huge step above the competition. Extensible means that you, as a developer (or other developers), can modify the behavior of the plugin to make it perfectly suit your needs.

Not a developer? Soliloquy will still work perfectly for you, and will probably work better than any other slider plugin you have used.

Soliloquy is a powerful WordPress slider plugin that makes creating and maintaining responsive, efficient, secure and SEO friendly sliders a breeze.

From user interface to security to responsiveness and beyond, Soliloquy crushes the competition.

Thomas has offered to give away three developer licenses for Soliloquy. The developer’s license includes access to all add-ons and support for life.

To enter, simply perform one or more of the actions below. You can enter multiple times.

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  1. Roland

    Well, it’s definetly not the best responsive slider for WordPress – because it doesn’t support IE7. Maybe in five years the world is a better one without this browser, but at the moment this slider is not worth my money.

    • Pippin

      Support for IE7 is being dropped all across the board. It is a terrible, terrible browser and one of the ways we (as developers and users) is by not supporting or advocating its use.

    • Pippin

      The sheer quality of how well the plugin is built on the backend as well takes it far above the competition.

    • Thomas Griffin

      I have to agree with Pippin here. Supporting IE7 or other outdated browsers only perpetuates the problem, and having to make hacks to support those browsers does not bring any extra value to the plugin.

  2. riskiii

    When will the winners be posted?

    • Pippin

      Winners will probably be emailed tomorrow.

  3. riskiii

    Cool, Thanks, got my fingers crossed.

  4. Chamo

    It’s a pity that there is no demo of those sliders… only screenshots.

    • Pippin

      That is a pity. I’ve just pinged Thomas on Twitter, hopefully he will setup a live demo or two.

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