In this final part of the User Follow System tutorial series, we will create two short codes, one for displaying a follow/unfollow link for a user and one for displaying a list of recent posts from users you (the currently logged-in user) follow. We will wrap up the series by also showing a few areas the plugin could be improved to create a more complete plugin.

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  1. Burak Birer

    Any luck with the pagination? It is really important. I am trying to add it like about 4 hours and no luck :(

    • Pippin

      Could you show me what you have tried?

    • Burak Birer

      Oh yes :) Thank you for your reply,

      First i used the query directly in the page template for newsfeed page. Instead of shortcode, (i figured our it would be easier to control with one loop) Here it is




      $following = pwuf_get_following();

      if( empty( $following ) ) {

      echo '

      You're not following anyone!



      $items = new WP_Query( array(
      'post_type' => 'post',
      'posts_per_page' => 20,
      'paged' => $paged,
      'author__in' => pwuf_get_following()
      ) );?>

      have_posts() ) : ?>

      have_posts() ) : $items->the_post(); ?>

      ID ), 'large' ); ?>

      <div class="myclass" id="post-">

      <a href="" class="justa__link">
      <img src="" class="responsive_image">

  2. Burak Birer

    Did you get the code i replied for pagination?

    • Pippin

      Where did you send it?

  3. Mamun Hoque

    How to show my following user in a page?

  4. Mamun Hoque

    individual users to be able to see his or her followers just by clicking the tab. For example, mamun would click 12,345 followers and be able to see and connect to their page.

    example link :

    • Pippin

      You could create another short code for that and use the get_followers() function to retrieve a list of user IDs. Once you do that, it’s just a matter of looping through the IDs and displaying their names and information.

  5. Burak Birer

    It would be great to get a part 8 or extended tutorial for these must haves like pagination support and followers list, following list. I subscribed just for this very tutorial and did not unsubscribe but it really would be great to have some new updates on the topics. Thanks for your understanding,

    • Pippin

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      Are there specific parts of building those features you are unsure about?

  6. Raymond Moore

    I also subscribed for this.. I guess I am unclear why the name of the user we are following cannot be displayed. Just a list of items. It would be nice to see an update on this. Although, I’m not sure how in depth it would be to add this feature. As for a follower plugin this portion missing in the code this is necessary. Also, would be a good way to show end users how to loop through posts using get_followers() and display the user_id with the list of items. Anyways, thanks Pippin for a wonderful start and a thorough explanation.

    • Pippin

      It certainly can be, it’s just not done by default in the plugin as is. This tutorial series is meant to provide you the framework you need to understand how to build this type of plugin. Displaying the name of the user would be quite simple since you have the user ID.

  7. David Horn

    Hi – on this part, Part 7, I don’t see any of the tutorial. I’m logged in, and I get the intro paragraph talking about what we’re going to cover (shortcodes), but then it goes straight into the comments.

    On viewing the inspector, it looks like you have a mis-formatted tag – it is written

  8. David Horn

    … sorry, looks like my code was commented out. You have a ‘more’ tag that is preceded by the ‘hide all html’ tag … you’ll see what I mean! Thanks.

    • Pippin


  9. Gabriel

    Hi Pippin,
    Thank you so much for the tutorial series!
    I’m looking into doing something like this for a project and came across this series.
    I noticed it started back in 2012 and I just thought I’d ask what are your thoughts in regards to using wordpress for such systems?
    Is the CG site still using this same system to this day as well?
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Thank you

    • Pippin

      WordPress can work very, very well for this!

      CG Cookie is still using this system, though there version has seen numerous updates since it was originally built.

    • Gabriel

      Thanks for such a quick reply Pippin.
      I’m also having a look at your “Love Post” plug in. Looks great!
      Basically we are looking into having a lot of similar capabilities to something like instagram (still not a clone).
      Have you ever custom-built a similar notification system?
      Or user @mentions in comments etc attached to notifications?
      Any light you could shed (maybe a tut :) would be greatly appreciated!
      It’s soooooo hard finding any resources when looking into extending wordpress in that direction.

  10. mike mzer

    How may I Get the following or followers count for a user to display in addition to the follow/unfollow links? Kindly provide a clue. Thanks

    • mike mzer

      I figured this out already as shown below:

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