Restrict Content ProΒ is a plugin for managing premium content in WordPress. It provides a complete subscription system that makes it very easy to deliver premium content to paid subscribers. This is an add-on plugin that provides the option to display a “join my newsletter” option on the Restrict Content Pro registration form that integrates with Wysija Newsletters.

This add-on plugin will provide Wysija integration for Restrict Content Pro that will allow users to add themselves to your Wysija email list when they register. It works for both new registrations and upgrades.

The plugin requires that you have Restrict Content Pro installed, and that you have the free Wysija plugin installed and configured.

One activated, you will have a new Wysija settings page under the Restrict menu:
Screenshot from 2013-03-21 15:32:26

If you do not have a copy of Restrict Content Pro, then check out some of the plugin’s awesome features:

  • Serve Premium Content to Paid Subscribers
  • Complete Member Management
  • Discount Codes
  • PayPal Integration with Payment Tracking
  • Complete suite of Registration and Login Forms
  • . . . many more

Go read more about Restrict Content Pro.

Want a real world example of where both of these plugins are being used? Right here on Pippin’s Plugins. Restrict Content Pro powers the premium memberships on this site. Just head over to the Join the Site page to check out the options and benefits for subscribers.

Download Wysija Add-On
  1. Kim

    Great to see more support for our little Wysija plugin.

    Next step, segmentation of roles. Let’s eventually discuss how we can collaborate on this. We haven’t yet spec’ed or wireframed it. We’ll be in touch.

    • Pippin


  2. morphosic

    been waiting for something like this from somebody, anybody!! so glad you did it!

    so, to clarify, you can create a “members” list that will automatically subscribe and unsubscribe users based on their restrict content pro status? for example, if they’ve paid to be a member, they are added to the list, but if they stop paying they are automatically unsubscribed?

    • Pippin

      They will be subscribed when they signup but it does not unsubscribe them when they expire.

    • morphosic

      aww, bummer!

      how hard would it be to setup a chron job that checked each night to see if a member was current, and if not to remove them from the list?

    • Pippin

      Not super difficult but it’s beyond what I can provide support for.

  3. Tess Robinson


    I’m wondering if morphosic managed to get the chron job or unsubscribe setup happening?

    I’d be interested to find out. If not, I assume that it needs manual unsubscribes when a member cancels?


    • morphosic

      Sorry, Tess, I didn’t even try… πŸ™

  4. Vishal

    Is this goingto wrok with the new change of wysija to MailPoet?

    • Pippin

      Yes it should work fine.

  5. Jim

    Can this segment users into different lists based on what membership they are part of?

    • Pippin

      No at this time.

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