This add-on for Restrict Content Pro lets you track and award affiliate earnings through the Affiliates plugin, both light and pro versions. If you’d like to boost your site’s membership and reward those that help you do so, this add-on will help you do just that.

The Affiliates plugin, is an extremely powerful affiliate system that lets you manage your affiliates, track hits and referrals, and more all inside of your WordPress dashboard. It does not require a third-party system or subscription service.

With this add-on, referral earnings will be automatically recorded when a user that was referred by one of your affiliates signs up for a paid membership through Restrict Content Pro.

There is no configuration necessary with this add-on, just activate it and you’re ready to go.

Note: the Affiliates plugin, either light or pro, is required for this add-on to function.

Download Add-on Download Restrict Content Pro Download Affiliates

  1. Marc

    Looks awesome. Quick question –

    Is it possible with this plugin to automatically create an affiliate link for every member who signs up to my site?

    Basically, I’d like to have a thankyou page for members where I can provide their link to share with others. And offer a commission for any paid referrals.


    • Michael

      So in other words your saying this doesn;t ?

    • Pippin

      Out of the box, Affiliates (free and pro) requires users register as affiliates.

    • Michael

      Question – Can PostAffiliatePro integrate with your Content Pro ? I’ve been having issues with S2Member / Pap / Stripe / … Can’t seem to find a coder to help me build something.

      Or are you interested in tweaking your current stuff ?


    • Pippin

      That’s exactly what this plugin is: it is the bridge between Affiliates (Pro and free) and Restrict Content Pro.

  2. Rohit

    Where do I add percentage, so my my affiliates can earn? (For example – Monthly membership – 10% affiliates get for per signups. !)


    • Pippin

      It’s in Options/Settings under the Affiliates menu.

  3. Emil

    Where can i find the Affiliates menu?

    • Pippin

      It will be near the bottom of the main WordPress dashboard menu. Did you activate the main Affiliates plugin as well as the add-on?

  4. Adam Thomas

    I cannot find where to add a percentage to award my affiliates? I clicked Affiliates>options and do not see anything.. I have Affiliates (free) installed as well as the Affiliates/RCP integration Add On


    • Pippin

      You will need to ask the developer of the Affiliates plugin, sorry.

  5. kento

    Hey there,

    For those looking for a way to set the referral rate when using Affiliates (free) with this integration, you’ll need to apply a workaround for now, consisting in modifying a line in the plugin as outlined in this comment.

    • Dips

      Can’t find the workaround like you stated on the comment.

  6. Caroline

    Hey Pippin, about to purchase a few of your pro plugins – but quick Q. Will this work with your Stripe add-on also? (Restrict content pro + affiliates + restrict content pro affiliates addon + restrict content pro stripe payment gateway) The idea is to be able to pay affiliates via Stripe when they’ve referred a signup, not Paypal.

    • Pippin

      Yes it does!

      Affiliates will not be able to be paid via Stripe, sorry. That’s not supported yet.

  7. Caroline

    Ok, great Pippin – and if I start with the single-website license for development and then we need to use on a few sites, can we upgrade for the remaining license term to the unlimited license? Let me know, thanks again!

    • Pippin

      If you decide you need to upgrade, I can provide you a discount code to offset the upgrade cost.

  8. James

    Hi Pippin,

    Any plans to integrate RCP with AffiliateWP?



  9. Dan

    This extension support last version of wordpress 4.0 and restrict content pro version Version 2.0.13 ??

    • Pippin

      Yes it does.

  10. Claudia

    Hi Pippin,
    is the Affiliates Add-On still available? The link appears to be broken. Thanks!

    • Pippin

      I no longer recommend Affiliates Pro as they have decided to stop supporting EDD and other plugins I’ve built. I’d recommend AffiliateWP instead:

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