It’s been a really long time in the making, and even longer in the warehouse that is my plugin development list, but Restrict Content Pro is nearly here. This is the premium version of my Restrict Content plugin that was released nearly a year and half ago, which now has nearly 7,000 downloads and a five star rating on the WordPress Plugin Repository. The free version has been immensely popular and I have had countless requests for the pro version, which I have teased users with since the release day of the free version.

[box style=”notice”]Restrict Content Pro is now available here[/box]

At this moment, I am running the plugin through its paces on my dev site and plan to give it a full live trial when I release my paid subscriptions here on this site. I expect to release the plugin on Code Canyon just after the new year.

Before the plugin is released, I’d like to go ahead and show you a little demo, so check out the screenshots below to get an idea of what is coming with Restrict Content Pro. Also, don’t forget to join the plugin’s email list in order to get notified when the plugin is available, and to get a special present just for email subscribers.

Video Overview of Some Admin Screens

Restrict Content Pro Email List

  1. Doug Smith

    So how will this plugin deal with subscription levels that require payments. Is it going to handle payment processing or integrate with something else that already does that? (Personally, I’d love to see it integrate with some of the popular shopping carts for WordPress and

    • Pippin

      @Doug – well first, you will be able to create an unlimited number of subscription levels, and price them however you want. All payment processing will be made through external gateways. At launch, it will support PayPal, but I’m also working to integrate Stripe and hopefully a few others.

  2. Bill

    Can this plugin integrate with aWeber so that anyone who subscribes to any subscription level is placed on a mailing list?

    • Pippin

      That’s on the todo list 🙂 I’ve already finished the Mail Chimp integration, and now it’s time for aWeber. Both of them will technically be add-ons for the plugin, similar to the way Gravity Forms works with add-ons, but they will both be free for the first week or so.

  3. deckerweb

    Thank you for the nice preview, Pippin! I am eagerly awaiting the release and will decide then next year if I will use it myself for own projects 🙂

    Thanx for your hard work, Dave 🙂

    • Pippin

      Thanks for stopping by. I will probably add a preview video demonstration in the next couple of days.

  4. Craig Paterson

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to use in an upcoming project. The preview tells me it will handle everything I require and a whole lot more! I’ll be asking Santa for a copy 😉

    • Pippin

      @Craig – Great! I hope he brings you one;)

  5. Jonathan Acosta

    HI, Jonathan from Blend Swap

    So this plugin just limits content, or is there going to be a way to use it for other purposes, like the ones I described the other day?

    We’re hoping to be able to use this one for our custom system but since we don’t limit content but bandwidth meta fields for users are a must.

    either way great job! it looks like a really powerful pluing! 🙂

    • Pippin

      Jonathan, based on what the other Jonathan told me about what you need, the plugin will work perfectly. Can you email me directly so we can figure out if it will work for you or not?

    • Pippin

      Jonathan, thanks so much for testing the plugin the other day and letting me know what you thought!

    • Jonathan Acosta

      Thank you Pippin for the awesome preview opportunity, this plugin is gorgeous and we can’t wait to have it working 😉

  6. alexandre

    When a user suscribe to a free acompte he’s in pending. How can i change that ?

    • Pippin

      They should not be pending, they should be set to “Free”. Does your subscription level have a duration period set?

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