I am working on a new WordPress plugin that will provide an exceptionally easy and powerful way to sell digital downloads. The plugins is going to be especially geared towards websites that sell products such as WordPress themes or plugins, but will be perfect for anyone that is wanting to sell digital products on their website easily, but very well. Unlike most of the ecommerce plugins that are overly bloated with features for sites that really just need a simple solution that works well, this plugin will not try to be a “all you will ever need” sort of plugin. It is going to be built to sell digital products one at a time (so no shopping cart), and it will never be used to sell physical goods.

Because of its focus, this plugin will be able to do the job that (I feel) no other plugin has ever done very well at all. Oh, and it’s going to be completely free.

Here is a preview of the page for adding a new download (it will likely change a lot):

I have put together some possible names for the plugin (note that is used to be called Stripe Digital Downloads, so tell me which one you like best! If you have a better one in mind, please let me know by entering it in “Other”. I will periodically update this form will all suggested names.

If you suggest a name and I end up choosing it, not only will I give you credit, I will also figure out some sort of special gift for you 😉

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Thank you for everyone that voted on the names. It came down to just two of the suggested names:

  • Easy Digital Downloads (12 votes)
  • Digital Downloads Pro (9 votes)

There were a total of 51 votes.

The winner is Easy Digital Downloads.

Update 2

The official website for Easy Digital Downloads has launched. Go get on the mailing list to learn about updates via email

  1. Kevin

    I love coming up with the names for products, campaigns, software etc… But the one thing I’ve learned is the more descriptive the better. Without the name being too long, you’ll have to really summarize as close as possible your plugins functionality.

    I’m sold on the “Easy Digital Downloads”. No messing around or guessing there, straight to the point and goes nicely with your other plugin/’s that have “Easy” in the name as well.

    looking forward to the release

    • Pippin

      Thanks for the feedback, Kevin.

  2. Piet

    Superb idea for a new plugin. I especially like the no-nonsense approach by just adding what is needed and not trying to be a one-stop-shop solution with all difficulties that come with that.

    I hope you make it easy to switch currencies or perhaps even make it so that you can show different currencies and amounts depending on the area/preference.

    My name suggestion is Digital Sales, because I didn’t like any of the other names. I would keep the Pro name for if you ever decide to make a premium version.

    Anyways, I look forward to the release dat of the plugin!

    • Pippin

      Thanks for the feedback. The plugin is going to accept payments via PayPal and Stripe.com (at least to start off with). PayPal accepts a lot of different currencies, which will all be supported, but Stripe only supports USD, so as long as you use PayPal, you can accept it in your local currency.

  3. corsonr

    That looks pretty nice!

  4. shazahm1

    Will download directory be protected from direct linking?

    What sort of discounts will the discount code allow, percentage/exact amount? How will they be limited, number of uses/date/limited to a specific product?

    Will it work with W3TC? I have to rewrite the cart widget to load via AJAX for eShop, W Super Cache had backed in support.

    Will user accounts be auto created for buyers so they can login and download their purchases?

    Right now I use eShop. Seems to be the only cart plugin that gave any amount of thought to digital download only stores. I works pretty well. Probably the most lacking feature is the the user can not download their purchases when logged in. They have to go to the download page an enter their email and download code.

    Oh, I agree Piet, what ever name you choose, save the ‘Pro’ so if you decide to create a premium version at a later date.

    • Pippin

      All download URLs will be completely hidden, and all download links are verified with three different checks.

      Both flat and percentage based discounts will be supported. Discounts will support date expiration and also a maximum number of uses. I might also add an option to limit them to specific products.

      Yes, it will work with caching and all the major plugins.

      User account creation might be added to the purchase process, but at the moment it’s a separate process. Both guests and registered users can purchase items, though I might make an option that requires users be registered.

      When a user is registered, the downloads are stored in their history, so they can redownload at any time.

  5. chrismccoy

    been looking for a plugin to handle downloads, not selling but just making them available an easier way, was going to create a custom post type and do it, but this looks better.

    i voted for easy downloads 😉

    • Pippin

      I will probably include an option for “free” downloads as well, but not yet sure, since that isn’t the focus of this plugin.

    • FxB

      An option for free downloads will be nice, let’s the open source spirit flows in the air, we can decide not to sell all your products…

    • Pippin

      I’m definitely keeping that option open.

  6. David Decker

    What about Digital Trove? 🙂

    Great, Pippin, that’s just the plugin I am waiting for! I know it WILL BE AWESOME!

    Thanx so much for developing it!

    -Dave 🙂

    • Pippin

      I like it and will add the option to the list in a moment.

    • Monica Mays

      Oooo… I like (and voted for) Digital Trove, as well =D

      I currently offer free downloads on several of my sites and have been thinking of having a few paid items… This will be a VERY useful plugin! Can’t wait!

  7. Brad Vincent

    Hey Pippin,

    great idea for a plugin and I will definately use it. I suggested WordPress Digital Products Manager as a name, as that is the search term I would (and actually have) used in the past.

    From a feature point of view, I would really love to see a built-in affiliate system, so ppl can register as affiliates, and it generates the affiliate links and keeps stats of sales and commisions etc. I know it is a big ask, but it would be a killer feature 🙂


    • Pippin

      An affiliate system is planned 🙂

  8. David Decker

    I don’t like the chosen name – it’s too ordinary/”normal” in my eyes. On the other hand I am curious of the plugin itself and the name is only one part of the story, for sure.

    • Pippin

      The name is very simple/plain, but it does have a couple of significant advantages:

      1. It matches up with the names of a couple of my other plugins, primarily Easy Content Types
      2. It has good SEO value
      3. Community vote wins 🙂

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