Hardships and victories in four years of eCommerce

Four years ago, I started out on a journey to build an eCommerce plugin for myself so that I could sell a few of the plugins I was building. A plugin to sell plugins, how meta. As with most of the projects I choose to dedicate my time and energy to, Easy Digital Downloads was built for me by me but in such a way that others could make use of it if they wished. Today, Easy Digital Downloads is installed on over 50,000 websites, has reached nearly one million downloads, and has grown to a sustainable business that supports the livelihood of an ever-growing team comprised of full time employees and active contractors.

Integrate Gravity Forms and Easy Digital Downloads

Gravity Forms is undisputedly the most powerful forms plugin for WordPress, and Easy Digital Downloads is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to sell digital products through WordPress, so what could be better than integrating the two plugins and leveraging the awesome power and control that they bring as a team? Not much…

Easy Digital Downloads – One Year Old

Easy Digital Downloads, the e-commerce plugin for selling digital products I wrote, is one year old today. Developing the plugin has been an amazing journey for me and I’d like to share some of the highlights from the last 365 days with you.

Easy Digital Downloads v1.5 Released

Version 1.5 of Easy Digital Downloads was released a few hours ago and, to be perfectly honest, it’s awesome. It is by far the largest release we have pushed out yet and includes some really phenomenal new features.

Crucial Security Flaw Discovered and Fixed

Last night a crucial security flaw was discovered in the checkout process of Easy Digital Downloads and fixed immediately. Version was pushed out and takes care of the issue. Please update immediately if you are on less than

Easy Digital Downloads Giveaway

A giveaway for Easy Digital Downloads extensions and themes is being held from now until the 10th of October. Three winners will be chosen at random once the giveaway is over. There are two themes and three commercial add-ons up for grabs, so get your entries in for your chance to win!

Weekly Dev Chat for Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads started as my own personal project but has quickly moved to a community project. There are more than 23 developers that have contributed code to the project, and many other developers, users, and designers that have contributed in other ways. One of the ways that I hope to actively promote further community…

Deliver Automatic Updates for Your WordPress Products

If you are selling WordPress themes or plugins, one of the number one things you should absolutely consider implementing into your products is automatic upgrades. If avoidable, there is no reason a user should be forced to manually log into your site and download a new version, then log into their own site and upload…

How I Built the Extendable Purchase Receipt Templates in EDD

Easy Digital Downloads has a templating system for emailed purchase receipts that allow users / developers to create their own templates that are used for the purchase receipts. In this video overview, I want to walk you through how this system works. Building extensible modules within your plugins is something you should always strive for,…

Should You Open Source Your Plugins?

An open source project means that anyone can take and freely modify the source code, and also re-release it as a different product. WordPress is open source, as are the vast majority of WordPress plugins. As someone who makes their living off of WordPress, I have to ask myself the question “is open source right…

Looking for Development Help with Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads, which is my take on an eCommerce plugin for selling digital products, has been growing rapidly over the last couple of months. In just over three months, it has passed 11.4 thousand downloads and has grown from just 24 downloads per day to nearly 200 per day. Due to this growth, and…

Build an À la Carte Premium Tutorial Shop

There are a lot of premium membership tutorial sites out there, this one included, and they usually require that memberships purchase a subscription to the site in order to access the premium content. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the process pf creating an À la Carte tutorial site that lets users…

How I Built the Settings System for Easy Digital Downloads

The settings system that I built for Easy Digital Downloads is something I was very happy with once finished, especially because it is very extensible, and very easy to integrate with by other developers. I decided to record an overview video that walks through how the system works.