Featured Comments is a great little plugin that lets you easily feature and / or bury comments. The idea is to emphasize comments that you want to stand out and to hide (bury) comments that have little or no value. When featured, comments will get a new “featured” class added to their HTML. When buried, comments will get a “buried” class added. You can use these classes to style the comments as you wish.

This plugin was originally written Utkarsh Kukreit, but I have taken over development and maintenance of the plugin since he is no longer interested in keeping it up.

From the comments dashboard page, you will be able to mark any comment as featured or buried:


You can also mark comments as featured from the Edit screen for individual comments:


The HTML markup of the comments will look something like this on the front end (will differ slightly):


In Appearance > Widgets, you will also have a new “Featured Comments” widget.

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  1. John Saddington

    So the idea is that it adds a class that you have to then style via CSS, etc., right?

    I installed it and the forward-facing “feature” button doesn’t appear to work as intended… does nothing.

    I’ll have to dig in a bit.

    I was looking for something like this that can easily stylize certain people’s comments… perhaps I’ll use this as a base and build off of it.

    • Pippin

      Yes, that is correct.

      Does it work in the backend? You most likely have a jQuery conflict if it’s not working on the front.

    • Jim Bacon

      I just downloaded your plug-in to check it out. I tried to give you a donation but Chrome gave me an error message when I clicked on the link. If you haven’t been getting any donations, that might be reason.

    • Pippin

      Hmm, what was the URL?

  2. Ian Blackford

    Hi Pippin,

    This is almost the exact thing I have been looking for, I say almost, because what I really want is the ability for the admin to tweet the comment out via their twitter account.

    How difficult would it be to add a ‘tweet this comment’ button to each comment in the admin?

    Some of my clients are a bit lazy about updating their social channels so if they could do it semi automatically while admining their comments then I reckon that would be a good thing.

    This could become a premium plugin perhaps?

    Best regards


    • Pippin

      That’s really not difficult to do from a dev perspective, but is a completely different plugin. I will consider writing it.

  3. Paul


    P3 Plugin Performance Profiler says “Featured Comments” takes 0.82s to load, which is huge. Is there a way of speeding up the tool, perhaps with indexes or by making the JS element optional?


    • Pippin

      That’s definitely not normal.

      How many comments are on the site?

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