In this premium-members only tutorial, we're going to take a brief look into working with the Mail Chimp API to create a newsletter sign up form for your WordPress site. The final result will be a complete plugin that you can install on any WordPress site to begin accepting email subscriptions to your Mail Chimp Lists.

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  1. soulmenj

    i can’t view this tutorial. i already login in the page but no luck

    • Pippin

      This tutorial is only available to paid subscribers. Check out the Join the Site page for pricing.

  2. bryce

    Hey Pippin,

    Very awesome :) One question… after users subscribe it’d be good to tell them that it was successful and they’ll receive the verification email.

    Obviously this can be easily achieved by just creating a page that says this and redirecting them there, but how could I have it so that as well as just redirecting the user to the home page, it has the standard mail chimp pop-up saying that the email has been received and that they need to confirm the email they just received? Better yet, a nice AJAX solution would be cool 😉

    • Pippin

      I added that notification in the official plugin I wrote.

  3. Taleeb Ahmad

    hi pippen

    Please help me that how i can add additional fields with every post when i am writing the post?

    • Pippin

      I don’t think I understand your question. Can you give an example of what you’re trying to do?

    • Taleeb Ahmad

      mean that when i creating the post there should be two additional fields where i enter the some data in integer form?

    • Pippin

      No there are not fields for that. This plugin doe not send emails when posts are published.

  4. hughred22

    Hi Pippin,

    In the pippin_check_for_email_signup() function, instead of just redirecting user back to home page, how can I redirect and trigger a lightbox notification or maybe append some successful text below the input box?

    wp_redirect($_POST[‘redirect’]); exit;

    I just do not know how to trigger a javascript when the redirect back to home page, like a modal (from Twitter Bootstrap) can pop up say “success!”. The function do not pass anything back. And I have no idea how to trigger JS via just URL.

    Something simple can be after successful submit to mailchimp, the page redirect back and a new success right underline the input box. (If it fail, it return the error message?)


    • Pippin

      On the success page, check for the “success” query parameter and then echo some inline javascript to trigger the modal if it is present. Make sense?

  5. hughred22

    Then my question will be how to check for the “success” query parameter? Will this be in the function pippin_mailchimp_form? Is there an example I can follow after? The trigger of modal will be

    So will the echo will be:
    echo (‘ $(‘#myModal’).modal(); ‘);


    • Pippin

      Yes in that function. You can use this:

      if( isset( $_GET['success'] ) )

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