A few months ago, Andrew Norcross, Tom McFarlin and I decided to collaborate on a new plugin that makes it easy to see which comments have not yet been replied to by the post author, and this is the result.

The plugin is very simple and requires no configuration. Once activated, a new column called “Missing Reply” will be added to your Comments screen that shows a reply status for each comment. Comments will show one of three messages:

  • This comment is by the author.
  • The author has replied.
  • The author has not replied.

Simple icons will be shown along with each message to make it very easy to quickly scan the comments page and see which ones need replies.

The plugin is available as a free download from WordPress.org. It is also hosted on Github, where you are more than welcome to report bugs, suggest improvements, or even submit patches.

Download View on Github

  1. WPHub

    Great idea Pippen. I will definitely give this one a test drive.

  2. Anand

    Superbh !! Andrew Norcross and Tom McFarlin . it was easy to customize …

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