This plugin provides an advanced widget that allows you to display your blog authors in any widgetized sidebar. It includes the abilities to display author gravatars, author URLS, post counts, and bios.


  • Advanced Blog Authors Widget
  • 8 Configurable Options
  • Display Widget Title
  • Display Author Post Count
  • Display Author Bio
  • Clear Author Bio (for layout control)
  • Display Author Gravatar
  • Set Gravatar Size
  • Control Gravatar Float (left, right, none)
  • Choose where to link author name: user url, author archive, none

Video Demonstration

This widget has been built with the best coding standards and should fit seamlessly into any WordPress theme.

  1. Akif Shamim

    This looks good, ill think about this and than ill buy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Pippin

      @Akif – Cool, thanks!

  2. Hammy Havoc

    Just saw this plugin in action on a client’s website; Very cool indeed. It reminds me of Posterous and the contributor list.

    • Pippin

      Nice and thanks!

  3. Phill

    hey i like your theme man

  4. Alvaro Benavides

    This plugin works with google markup? taht would be awesome

    • Pippin

      @Alvaro – What do you mean google markup?

  5. Mike Levelchek

    I noticed (in the video) that when you changed the author link to the Author’s URL, when you hovered over the link, the title that displayed on mouseover still said “View author archive.” Shouldn’t that have changed to “View author’s website” or something more accurately descriptive? Just thought it might be something you wanted to correct.

    • Pippin

      I will look into it

  6. CodeJst

    Hi , Pippin, thanx for the great plugin, is it possible to display the last post of each author?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry, not with this widget.

  7. Morgan

    Hi Pippin,

    So does this also create the author box below the post? I noticed it in the video but didn’t hear you mention it.

    • Pippin

      No it does not.

  8. Jura

    Doesn’t offer their own RSS feed? :/

    • Pippin

      Nope, sorry.

  9. Jason

    Does this plugin allow for custom ordering of all authors listed?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  10. A.R smith

    Hey, nice video and solid looking widget.

    I own a major portal with lot’s of authors (40~). If I simply use your widget on my sidebar it would probably be about a mile long… I’m looking for dedicated “page” solution. Do you have a code for a page with similar configurable options?

    • Pippin

      I don’t have one, sorry.

  11. oylesine

    First, sorry my bad English. I wonder if I can display the last post title with the author name. I’m searching sth like that…

    • Pippin

      No sorry, this plugin does not do that.

  12. iKevin

    How can I get the author’s name on top of the gravatar instead of to the right?

    • Pippin

      You will have to adjust it via CSS.

  13. Steve

    I would buy it if it could sort authors alphabetically.

  14. Matt

    Hmm. I just purchased this and it seems that you don’t have classes on most of the CSS. I’m not sure exactly how to adjust the styling of your widget via CSS when it doesn’t use classes, but instead does inline styles. Suggestions?

    • Pippin

      The widget itself will get a class and a unique ID, which should be sufficient for styling anything you need. Do you see that?

  15. akhil

    Excellent plugin. I have purchased your some your plugins. Let me try this also. Good job.

  16. Jithin Johny George

    Really nice plugin, I think this is the one that i am looking for. Will purchase it when the fund become available for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Michael the Lawyer

    Hi Pippin. I’m familiar with many of your great and innovative plugins, including this one. I was wondering whether the author’s list is cached in order to minimize the load time. This would seem to me to be one of the plugins whose data would rarely change and would only require periodic updating rather than always querying the WP database.

    • Pippin

      WordPress itself caches the queries, so yes.

  18. Pamela

    I have been struggling with author grid widgets. I cannot get the Gravatars to display properly. On our development site for a group blog, my Gravatar is the only one that displays. I have tried getting the other authors’ pics to display, but Word Press and Gravator won’t let me.

    I have not downloaded your plug-in yet because so far neither of the other author grids that I installed work because of the Gravatar problem.

    Is there a way on your plug-in to allow an administrator to create the gravatars?



    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  19. Siraj.M

    Not specified demo, i don’t decide comfortably. Hope it will works fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Konrad

    There is no video displaying and no screenshots of what this might end up looking as. I’m very interested in this plugin but I need to see what it can look like before I buy it.

    • Andrew Munro

      Hereโ€™s a direct link to the video while we look into why itโ€™s not showing on this page:

    • Andrew Munro

      The video above has now been fixed!

  21. aamilsahib0078

    This plugin works with google markup? taht would be awesome

    • Pippin

      Not at this time.

  22. miyakhan7667

    There is no video displaying and no screenshots of what this might end up looking as. Iโ€™m very interested in this plugin but I need to see what it can look like before I buy it.

  23. cbpnio

    Why would you have a blog page advertising an author widget, without using that widget to show the author??? Bizarre.

  24. Jack Norman

    It has very helpful for me…………..

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