I am excited to share that WP Simple Pay has joined Sandhills Development.

WP Simple Pay, led by Phil Derksen, launched four years ago with the goal of offering a simple way to integrate Stripe payments into WordPress. It has stayed true to its goal and continues to be an excellent way to process payments and subscriptions with Stripe.

Since 2013, the team at Sandhills Development has worked to build the best products we can in eCommerce, membership, affiliate marketing, and other verticals. While doing that we’ve learned a lot about what we do well and what we’ve done poorly. We’ve also learned very well the kinds of customers our products work for and those that they’re not quite suited for. We’ve found the gaps and strengths in our offerings.

WP Simple Pay is a product that perfectly fits into several of the gaps in our offerings, so by bringing WP Simple Pay into Sandhills Development, we can do much better at offering our customers the solution that best fits their needs, whether it be complex digital eCommerce or simple payment processing; full-blown memberships or just quick and easy monthly payments.

Phil and I first got to know each other near the beginning of our WordPress product journeys six or more years ago and have consistently communicated since then. We’ve shared strategies, ambitions, and challenges in master mind groups, over many dinners, and frequently consulted each other as we built our products. Phil’s products have used Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP for years and his experiences and feedback from doing so have contributed great value back to me and my team.

As of October 1, WP Simple Pay is now being maintained under the Sandhills Development umbrella. Phil has joined the Sandhills Development team where he will continue to lead and work on WP Simple Pay as well as other projects.

What will change

As with any merger or acquisition, customers may be uneasy and worried that the tool or team they love will change. We fully recognize why that uneasiness happens and want to reassure everyone that the changes that will be made in the next few months will be positive for all.

At first, very little will change. The product will still be led by Phil and the same support team will continue offering top-notch support. We will make a few minor branding updates to bring the product in line with our existing products.

Being part of a bigger team now, WP Simple Pay will receive development, support, and marketing resources from Sandhills Development. After the initial merge and everything is settled in, this will allow us to continue growing the tremendous product Phil has built, and push it even further.

We are really excited to be working together and cannot wait to begin sharing the results of our combined efforts.

  1. Wil Ranney

    My one hope is that this would bring ACH capabilities.

    • Pippin

      That’s very high on our priority list!

    • Andrew

      Has ACH capability been added yet? Considering purchasing but this is a determiner.

    • Morocco Travel

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  2. BlurSpy

    Thanks for sharing informative and helpful material.

  3. Brett Atkin

    Curious how this differs from Gravity Forms with the Stripe integration.

    • Pippin

      Hi Brett!

      Both plugins will allow you to achieve an overall similar experience for Stripe payment processing. The primary difference is that WP Simple Pay is built exclusively for Stripe, which allows us to offer deeper, more rich feature integration with their payment processing APIs. For example, soon we will be offering ACH and European payment methods in WP Simple Pay. That’s just one example of a feature set that isn’t typically offered in form builder Stripe integrations.

  4. Blaise

    How will this impact the current Stripe plugin offered by EDD?

    • Pippin Williamson

      Phil has been working extensively with the Stripe platform for several years, along with many members of the existing Sandhills Development team. By adding Phil’s expertise, we’ll be able to better extend our existing feature set and offer better, more complete integration with Stripe’s platform in all of our products.

  5. To The Sports

    Thanks For Sharing This Helpful Material

  6. mike7harris

    Great! I used WP Simple Pay before switching to EDD.

  7. Frederick

    I purchased EDD’s Stripe integration extension in the past and recently experimented with WP Simple Pay.

    Which plugin would you recommend for accepting membership site payments?

    Can you provide a side-by-side comparison?


    • Pippin Williamson

      Hi Frederick!

      Could you tell me more about your specific membership needs? That will help me give you the best recommendation.

  8. Frederick

    Hi Pippin,

    Thanks for the response.

    Traditionally, the two have been competing products.

    I have a membership site and need Stripe integration.

    I’m currently using WP Simple Pay but wanted to switch back to EDD.

    Are there plans to merge the 2 in the future?

    • Pippin Williamson

      We do not plan to merge the products. Both will stay independent products but we will translate features between the two when it is appropriate.

      WP Simple Pay and Easy Digital Downloads serve different needs and we plan to continue to cater to those needs as best we can.

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