As this site expands, it is going to become more and more important for me to produce tutorials on the topics that you all, the readers, want to read about. Especially since the subscriptions were launched, I really want to get your input on the topics that you would like me to cover more.

Tutorial Topics

In an attempt to further improve the resources on this site, please take a moment to tell me the tutorial topics you would like to see written about more. Feel free to vote multiple times.

  1. Amy

    I have two issues I’d like to learn more about. They are semi-related.

    1) Gravity Forms intakes data via their forms. I have the third-party gravity forms directory plugin, but it is limited. For instance, I have one form that collects information from people that are willing to be a speaker or sponsor food or host a venue for our monthly mtgs across 30 chapters. I’d like to learn more about how to list the information that is collected and to filter on that list.

    2) We have an extensive registration form and whether I use Gravity Forms User Registration plugin or WishList Member’s custom registration form, apparently neither will add the custom fields to the WordPress user profile. I need the ability to have each of our 5,000 members edit their own profile information and be able to choose which profile info to keep private or share with other members behind the membership wall.

    Thanks for asking!

    • Pippin

      1) Do you want to show the collected information on the front end of the website?

      2) I’m planning a tutorial / plugin for front end profile edits 🙂 It probably won’t go quite as in-depth as you need, but it will definitely be a start. You should take a look at my Restrict Content Pro plugin as well, since you mentioned WishList and GF User registration. At the moment my plugin doesn’t have custom user fields, but it has complete support for modular extensions. And I will be adding an extension for user profile fields.

    • Amy

      1) Yes. As an example, speakers complete a form offering their services to one or more of our chapters. Then a chapter will login and run a search (or filter) on their chapter and then by speakers, venue hosts and/or food sponsors. This should not be available to the public so it will be behind the membership wall in WishList, but still considered on the front-end of the site.

      2) Our registration form collects a bunch of information. We then need the member to be able to choose which info they are okay sharing with other members. The member needs to be able to edit all of their profile info including the custom fields we are collecting on the registration form. Then we need a front-end solution for our National Board or Chapter Boards to be able to filter on our membership as a whole. For instance, give me a list of all members that work in law firms or all members in the Wash DC chapter that work in law firms.


    • Pippin

      I will definitely see about doing a tutorial on showing information collected from Gravity forms on the front end.

  2. cking34

    Hi Pippin,
    I have a couple things I would like to see.
    1. Add option to the Advanced WordPress Widget Bundle widgets to use Flexslider instead of just a list.
    2. How to add the Post Notify check box to the comment form. Actually a plugin for comment form options would be cool to add styling, post notify, email subscribe, comment subscribe and options to login with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Google.
    3. Have your new Restrict Content Pro plugin work with multiple domains (sort of like WPManager).
    Love the new website and very happy I subscribed to your Premium Subscription!

    • Pippin

      1) I’m not quite sure what you mean with this one. So a flexslider for the post lists, or all lists provided by the widgets? If I was to do this, it would probably just be showing how to integrate the flexslider into your WordPress plugin/theme.

      2). I’ll consider these.

      3). You mean work across multiple domains with a single user base? This could probably be accomplished with Multi Site. Is that what you’re thinking?

      Thanks so much for subscribing!

    • cking34

      1. For instance have a thumbnail and title for the related posts widget be a slider instead of just a list. It may not make since for all widgets in the bundle.
      2. Thanks
      3. Basically I want to manage several real estate websites. The websites would be agents and clients (FSBO), so the agents would be free but the clients would have to subscribe. Multisite may be the best approach. I’m just worried about some plugins not working properly with it.

    • Pippin

      1) That’s not going to get added to my widgets, sorry. I might do a tutorial on something similar that could help you out, though.

      3) Restrict Content Pro definitely won’t work across multi domains (not unless they have a shared user base), but it wouldn’t be too hard to have it work quite well with Multisite. Most of the time, plugins actually work perfectly fine with multi site, as least when activated on each site individually.

  3. jeff21up

    Hi Pippin
    How about a User Calendar plug in, as far as i can see no one has ever done one and i think it would be a tremendous facility. I know we have ical, google yahoo etc but it would be great to offer this to members so they don’t have to leave your site.
    Foe example i run a popular bowling site and have many members, i provide a Competition Diary that lists all competitions available in a yearly calendar but there is no way for people to add the ones they have entered into a diary of their own to keep track of their schedules.
    Would this be possible
    Many thanks and loving the site

    • Pippin

      Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind when working on new tutorial / plugin ideas.

  4. rickandersonaia

    I’d love to learn about creating a sever side api that could be used to validate an expiring license. For example a system similar to the one BackupBuddy uses to check if a subscription is valid before it provides a plugin update.

    It seems to me that this maintains the GPL requirements (no restrictions on distribution) while still providing a mechanism for providing plugin updates only to those with valid licenses.

    I run a membership site similar to this where I have created a number of plugins that I make available to my members. They can use them however they want and they can distribute them as they like but I’d like to provide updates only to current members.

    • Pippin

      That’s an awesome idea. I’d have to cook up a sample before I could do a tutorial on it, but definitely something I will consider.

  5. Paul

    I’d like to see more on creating complex search form widgets. Using tax_query and meta_query together in a search widget. And allowing different search forms on the same page.

    • Pippin

      On the todo list 🙂

  6. Dan


    I’d like to see tutorials, or even better, plugins with regards to advanced filtering and sorting at the frontend. Let the visitors decide how they want the data presented rather than making pre-set queries based on custom fields, taxonomy etc.

    I’m looking for features like easily being able to present frontend filters such as e.g. a price range and then also sorting on top of that (low to high, high to low) and similar capabilities. I’m sure it would be a killer plugin with huge sales 🙂

    Been looking for this for quite some time now, I think the closest one is at
    Unfortunately, that project is closed down.
    If anyone know of a plugin like this that is in production mode, please let me know.

    • Pippin

      Dan, thanks so much for your feedback. I have a tutorial on how to use tax_queries for front end sorting in the pipelines, though don’t yet know when it will be done.

    • Dan


      In my world, as a non-programmer, tutorials are silver and plugins are gold.

      I believe there’s a big demand out there for a comprehensive plugin that takes care of frontend filtering and sorting as I’ve followed numerous discussions about this with no real solutions for non-programmers.

    • Pippin

      I completely agree that there is a huge demand for those kind of plugins. I’ve been planning to build one for a long, long time, just haven’t gotten around to it.

      Take a look at the Query Multiple Taxonomies plugin by Scribu.

  7. takemura

    First of all, for @Amy – have you tried the following plugin for user profiles and registration?

    It’s not free, but sometimes it’s worth paying for plugins of this quality.

    I’d love to see some topics on front-end editing so that our users can edit their own posts away from the WP backend.

    And staying with the same topic, how to let users upload photos to their posts via the front end and edit/crop them using the core features in WP, in addition to selecting the one they would like to use as the featured image.

    • Pippin

      A tutorial on front-end editing sounds like a great idea 🙂

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