Easy Digital Downloads started as my own personal project but has quickly moved to a community project. There are more than 23 developers that have contributed code to the project, and many other developers, users, and designers that have contributed in other ways. One of the ways that I hope to actively promote further community involvement is by holding weekly developer chats to discuss the forward movement of the plugin.

While it is titled a “developer’s chat”, any and everyone is welcome to come and voice their thoughts and opinions. We will be discussing new features, improvements to existing parts of the plugins, and the general future of the plugin.

The goal is to have these chats function very similar to the WordPress Core deve chats.

The dev chats will happen once per week in the #eddwp freenonde IRC chat room.

Our first chat will be this upcoming Monday at 5PM CST (GMT-5). We have tentatively scheduled to discuss the following topics:

  • Basic tax system incorporation
  • Improvements to the Reports page
  • Improving the Payment History screen
  • Updating the sales / earnings log to use a new custom post type

If you’re interested in the project, please come by and voice your thoughts!