User Bookmarks for WordPress is a complete bookmarking system that gives your users a way to save their favorite posts to their own personal bookmarks list. The plugin is fully ajaxed for a nice, smooth user experience.


  • Allow logged-in users to bookmark their favorite items
  • Each user can view a list of their bookmarks
  • Ability for logged-in users to delete bookmarks
  • 3 widgets included
    • Bookmark Control Widget to show Add / Remove Bookmark
    • User Bookmarks List to show the currently logged-in user’s bookmarks
    • Most Bookmarked Widget to show the most often bookmark posts, pages and custom post types
  • 3 short codes included
    • Bookmark Links to show Add / Remove Bookmark links for logged-in users
    • User Bookmarks List to show the currently logged-in user’s bookmarks
    • Most Bookmarked Lists to show the most often bookmark posts, pages and custom post types

  • WP Dashboard widget included to display most popular bookmarks across the site
  • Template tags also included for each of the 3 functions above

This plugin is perfect for any website that provides a lot of content to its users and wishes to have a way for users to keep track of their favorite info.

Adding and removing of bookmarks is all done with ajax, giving a seamless, no-reload-required browsing experience.

User Bookmarks is a very lightweight plugin that provides a very powerful feature set. The plugin has been developed to integrate perfectly with your WordPress theme, and so only minimal styling is included.

This plugin has been discontinued

  1. Kevin Doherty

    This is perfect for sites that have “recipes” or “snippets”. I’m currently working on a premiere grocer site which wants to have a “recipe-box” that allows people to add their favourite recipes. This is great!

    • Pippin

      Awesome! Glad you like it! I actually wrote this plugin about 6 months ago, but apparently forgot to post it.

  2. sanz

    Hey Pippin,

    Yet again you have a plugin that I need … are you psychic by any chance? Anyway great plugin … have bought it and will be putting it to use right away.

    You really should think about releasing a Pippins Toolbox package … can just about say this toolbox should be mandatory for all WP site developments 🙂

    Just one thing with this plugin … any way you can think of to bookmark a User? I have Subscribers and Retailers (both WP users … just different roles) and I’d really like to allow Subscribers to bookmark not just posts/CPT etc but also Retailers.

    Cheers again


    • Pippin

      Ha, this plugin has actually been out for a while, I just forgot to post about it 😉

      No, there’s not a way to bookmark users. That is more a “follow” system, which I just so happen to be working on now. I release is expected within a couple of weeks.

  3. republic

    Are bookmarks stored as a cookie, user’s post meta, or a custom table?

    • Pippin

      They are stored in the user’s meta.

    • Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen

      Will bookmarks be deleted if the user clears their browser history?

    • Pippin

      No, the bookmarks are stored in the user’s account.

  4. Noblabla


    Is it possible to use this plugin as a bookmark system for bookmarking other websites and not only pages on the WPsite?

    • Pippin

      NO, sorry.

    • Noblabla

      Thank you

      but do you know a way to do that ?
      or a way to modify this plugin ?

    • Pippin

      If I had some time to tinker I could probably make it happen. Modifying this plugin to do that is not something I would recommend.

    • kuif7

      Hi Pippin,

      Awesome plugin, but this, the bookmarking of other websites, thats the biggest thing we are looking for.
      Nowhere to be found! Your plugin is the closest best thing.
      Is it not possible to let users have this functionality by having the websites-bookmarks as custom post types with a redirect function? This way when you open a particular ‘custom post’, it redirects you to the url the user entered when adding that custom post? I think that could be a solution to your plugin to have this functionality?
      Please help us, your thoughts please, and willing to pay, or point us in the right direction?

      Greetings from the netherlands


    • Pippin

      Sorry but that won’t be possible and I do not have the time right now to take on the project.

  5. Noblabla

    Many Thanks, when you have something don’t hesitate to mail me.
    Have a nice day

  6. alastair

    I’m just wondering if the plugin could be used to bookmark single post attachments / images?

    • Pippin

      With a few very minor modifications, yes it can.

    • alastair

      Do you have any suggestions about how I would go about adding 1 attachment image into the bookmark list. I’ve had a few attempts using the wp_get_attachment_image but with little success, It ends up pulling all the attachments across the site rather than one per bookmark.

      I’m using the code from here for pulling attachments
      and trying to get the id through $bookmark like get_permalink($bookmark)


    • Pippin

      Do you want to show an image with each bookmark? I assume one of the images that is attached to the bookmarked post. Correct? If so, the easiest way is to set a Featured Image and then use the the_post_thumbnail() function.

    • alastair

      I would like to show one image with each bookmark, but without using the_post_thumbnai() as the site I’m working on doesn’t use the post thumbnail due building the site around wordpress ios app which does not have featured image support. The site is for a film prop house and I’m using the bookmark to allow users to create a list of props that they would like to hire.

      I’m really happy with the plugin and found it really easy to attach it to gravity forms so that users can email their list to the company and other members of their team.

    • Pippin

      Do you have a complete sample of the code you’ve been trying to use? It’s really not too difficult, and you’re probably very close.

  7. yellowhousedesign

    Hey Pippin,
    Trying to add the ability for users to “Remove all” bookmarks — I’m assuming this could be achieved by creating a function similar to upb_post_delete_bookmark(). Aside from adding that to the shortcode itself output (which I can do) any pointers on the best way to create that? Thanks!

    • Pippin

      The only thing a function like that would need to do is delete the user meta. Use the delete_user_meta() function. It just needs the user ID and the meta key.

    • yellowhousedesign

      Ah thanks – exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Ryan

    Once again Pippin, you have a plugin that I need. Although there are many good favoriting/bookmarking plugins out there, I have yet to find out that I can use…

    Maybe you can help answer this question before I purchase the plugin.

    Each post will need to have a “add to favorites” link, that will send them to a page. Which I think should be simple enough to do with a widget, including that into a template.

    But what is most important, is, in the header, I’d like to show HOW many favorites a user has favorited, and have it update automatically when a new bookmark is added, without refreshing the page.

    An example might be. “You have 5 posts bookmarked”, then when you add a bookmark from a list like on a search page, it’ll update saying “You have 6 posts bookmarked”

    Is this possible? I hope so.. ha, pulling my hair out trying to find a plugin that’ll work.


    • Pippin

      Ryan, this is absolutely possible, but is not provided out of the box. It would only require a couple of small modifications to make it work exactly as described, however.

  9. John Tan

    Can this bookmark button be customized? for instance, customize the name of ‘add links’ itself to be ‘bookmark’ or ‘mark’.

    • Pippin

      Yes, the text of the buttons can be changed to anything you want.

  10. adam

    Few questions:

    How do users login…with Facebook?
    Do they have the option of sharing their bookmarked items on facebook/twitter, etc…?


    • Pippin

      The plugin requires that users be logged into WordPress, which means that it will work with any of the other plugins that provide a login form via Facebook.

      No, there is not a share option.

  11. adam

    What credential are used to login?
    Are users given the option of sharing their bookmarked items on social media?


    • Pippin

      See my previous response.

  12. Will

    Well, I like the plugin…it’s very easy to use. Only issue I am having is that when someone views the site that is not logged in, the plugin messes up my post alignment on my custom post types. I would think that it would hold the placement even if the text disappears for users that are not logged in.

    • Pippin

      Can you give me a URL to look at? There shouldn’t be any HTML outputted when the user is logged out.

  13. miscdebris

    The plugin is generating PHP Notices in WordPress 3.5. The includes/settings.php generates a “Undefined index: show_links” notice/error on line 26 next to the “Display the Add/Remove Bookmark links…” option when you click the “Save Options” button to update the plugin settings.

    I paid for this plugin and I’m a little bit annoyed at these PHP notices. These types of issues can be easily overcome by testing with WordPress debug features turned on…

    • miscdebris

      And to follow up: This “undefined index” notice occurs when the “Display the Add/Remove Bookmark links…” option is unchecked. The notice disappears when the option is checked. You need to check that the value is set in settings.php and then the PHP notice will go away– WordPress is super picky about form values being accessed/evaluated when they aren’t set…

    • miscdebris

      OK- there are lots of errors with WordPress 3.5. I’m really annoyed that I paid for this plugin. Is there a way to receive a refund?

      Any post type (post, attachment, etc.) generates a PHP Warning because your wpdb::prepare() statement isn’t formatted correctly. It is missing required arguments, so the bookmark-functions.php scripts can’t execute properly.

    • Pippin

      Sorry about the errors. They have been fixed with the latest update (caused only by 3.5).

      You can download the latest version from your account page on Code Canyon. If you’d like to seek a refund anyhow (even though errors are now fixed), you need to contact Envato Support since they handle all refunds.

  14. Craig Mische

    This is exactly what I needed and I just purchased. Thank you.

  15. Craig Mische

    I’ve ran into an issue I hope if easy to fix. If not, I am more than happy to pay for your time if it requires more than a quick answer.

    My site displays real estate listings and I use a plugin called FlexMLS. Individual listings will be displayed on a page I specify called MLS Results. So, an example of an individual result is

    I currently have the the User Bookmark plugin deactivated as when viewing a page like this and clicking to save it, the saved bookmark was MLS Results. If I viewed another page for another property the only option was to remove the bookmark as the plugin thinks it is viewing the same page. Does that make sense and is it possible to fix this?

    • Pippin

      Craig, I don’t see the plugin anywhere on that page. Is it still active?

    • Craig Mische

      I deactivated it but just saw your comment and have activated it again with the settings to auto add to pages and posts.

    • Pippin

      Where is the modal on that page?

  16. Craig Mische

    The plug-in is activated and I have the setting set to auto add so it should be displayed. Previously, I inserted the code into the full width page template and the modal did display but it would bookmark the wrong page. Don’t bother looking into this further. I am deleting the plugin.

    • Pippin

      If you decide to give it another chance, I’m more than happy to help in any way I can.

  17. Nathan

    Hi Pippin,
    I’m really hoping this is the plugin for me. Question is can the plugin, on the favorites page organize favorites by category?
    For instance, if a user favorited 5 posts, their favorites page would automatically sort them by category:
    Category 1:
    – favorite 1
    – favorite 2
    Category 2
    – favorite 3
    – favorite 4
    – favorite 5
    I really need functionality like this, but I haven’t been able to produce it so far. Any help I would hugely appreciate.

    • Pippin

      No, sorry, it cannot organize bookmarks into categories.

    • Sven

      I need the same feature. Organize favorites in categories. Have you found out another plugin?

  18. Scott Hack

    Curious what kind of message is displayed to users who are not logged in? Thinking I’d want to send them to a registration modal or something.

    • Mike Hemberger

      Hey Pippin.. I’m currently developing a niche business where i’ll be (potentially) selling multisite installs where a custom plugin of mine has built in support for a modified version of User Bookmarks. How does the licensing work for your plugin and how (if at all) can I make that happen the right way?

    • Pippin

      You will need to purchase the Extended license from Code Canyon for that.

  19. Mike Hemberger

    It says “You must be logged in to view your bookmarks.” I did some custom html/css to show a login button when you hover on the “bookmark” link.

  20. Amy

    Hi Pippin, I’m wondering if it’s possible for the user to add a private comment to their bookmark for display on the bookmark page with this plugin?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  21. Gabriel Gadfly

    Does this work with custom post types?

    • Pippin

      Yes it does!

  22. rose

    hi there!

    nice plugin! i’m considering it for a recipe site. i have a question…once users bookmark a post, is it possible for them to be sorted by their respective categories? for example, if a user bookmarks recipes for chocolate chip cookies and apple pie, can there be a link called “desserts” under which they will be listed? the categories would correspond to the site categories (desserts, vegetables, etc.).

    hope that’s not hard to follow. 🙂


    • Pippin

      No sorry, bookmarks cannot be sorted by category.

  23. Adriano Nascimento

    Hi! If i have more than 1 custom post type, its possible to user bookmark posts from differents custom post type. And organize: list the bookmarks from custom post type 1, list the bookmarks from custom post type 2… ?????


    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

    • Adriano Nascimento

      But if i have many custom post types, all can be bookmarked by users?

    • Pippin


  24. Gabriel Gadfly

    Pippin, I’m loving this plugin so far, but I have a quick question. Is there any way to disable the pop-up dialogues that occur whenever the user clicks the bookmark link?

    • Pippin

      Not as an option but you can make one code modification to do it. Are you comfortable with that?

    • Gabriel Gadfly

      Sure, if you can tell me what I need to modify.

    • Pippin

      Sorry for the delay. Remove this line from includes/bookmarks.js:

  25. Keith

    Great plugin. I used it with a theme for sale and customers love it.

  26. Grant

    Hi Pippin, I’ve seen your name contributing to the WP e-Commerce Github … do you think this plugin could easily be modified to use with WP e-Commerce to create a favourites list of products including a quantity input and add-to-cart button for each item? (Note: I’ve tried Visser’s Wishlist plugin but it doesn’t tick all the boxes). Or perhaps you’d like to create a new plugin?

    • Pippin

      Most certainly it could. Are you comfortable with PHP?

      Sorry for the super slow reply.

    • Grant

      Yes, I’d class myself still in the beginner category with php but I’m certainly comfortable with it and have had good success customising other themes/plugins.

    • Pippin

      Great. Do you have any specific questions on how to do this?

    • Grant

      Well basically, instead of just displaying the post (product) title that links through to the actual post, I would like to access/use all of the wpec product loop so I can display the product list just like the wpec grid-view or list-view (including thumbnail, title, description, variations, price, add to cart etc).

      I’m sure I could work this out myself given time, but a few pointers in the right direction would make it a lot easier. The website is which is an online farmers market – so the customers order every week which is why a favourites list of products is needed. If you look at a product category (grid view) then that’s basically what I want to display with the favourites list.

  27. SwissMiss

    Hi Pippin,

    I’ve made the purchase… This is perfect for what I’m doing – hundreds of users. It’s SO lightweight… just want to confirm that it relies on browser cookies (no user login required). Therefore, if a user wants to build a list of bookmarks, and then access it from a different device, there is no way. Correct?


  28. SwissMiss

    scratch that last comment. 😀

  29. Clint

    Hi there Pippin,

    I would like to make the thumbnail and the excerpt appear on the bookmarks of the users. I’m not used to coding and I’m not expert in php. Could you help me or direct me how to use those codes(post_thumb…etc), where to paste them or how to call them to display on this page?:

    Looking forward for your answer!

    • Pippin

      Sorry but that goes beyond what I can help with. I can tell you the functions to use and what file to edit, but that’s about it.

    • Clint

      Thanks for your response Pippin. If so can you just direct me to the functions and steps I should need to do? I should be able to figure them out. Or don’t you have plan to release a new version of this plugin that will give a user to display automatically the post thumbnails and the excerpt? We would be willing to buy the new release if we need to pay for it.

      Here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m trying to attain., I believe they are using your plugin:

      I can easily do the css styling, but I have trouble with php. Let me know thank you!

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