PressNomics is the first major non-officially sponsored WordPress event to be organized in the US (perhaps globally). It is designed to be a somewhat exclusive event catered towards the companies and individuals that power the commercial WordPress markets. The commercial market includes theme and plugin shops, hosting companies, and others within the WordPress economy, though it is not limited to just those. Anyone in the WordPress community can attend, once public tickets are released.

If you have watched Twitter, or read any of the many WordPress community-oriented blogs, you are probably familiar with the large debate that happened a few weeks ago in regards to the WordCamp San Francisco sponsorship levels. Basically, a large number of community members, myself included, voiced their unhappy thoughts about some of the limitations placed on non-San Francisco WordCamps, primarily around sponsorship pricing. Part of the reason the limitations are there is because WordCamps are officially sponsored, which is what makes PressNomics very different: it is 100% non affiliated with WordCamp Central.

Joshua Strebel, the event’s organizer has said that he is organizing the event as he sees fit so that it is “an event he would want to attend”.

One the things that makes WordCamps great is how diverse they are: they are not just for hard core programmers or heavy bloggers. There is something for just about anyone (who uses WordPress) at WordCamps, but this is also a major downside. As a developer, and someone who works with and distributes WordPress-focused products every day (both free and commercial), I have found WordCamps to be (sometimes) a little lack luster. Now before you start yelling at me, realize that I’m not saying WordCamps are not awesome and amazing, because they really are; what I am saying is that what I feel would be a truly spectacular event (for me) would be one that is purely focused on the things I do in WordPress.

That’s exactly what PressNomics is: an event focused on exactly what I, Pippin Joshua Strebel does with WordPress. It is an event focused on presentations and demonstrations for the people that build and sell with WordPress.

Obviously the event is not around what I, as an individual do, but it is an event focused the type of things that my category of WordPress people do: build products with WordPress.

While obviously the event has not happened yet, so I could be wrong, but I imagine the event playing out like some of the more focused WordPress meetups, where small groups of developers get together and geek out, except PressNomics will be comprised of some of the greatest members of the WordPress community.

Some of the confirmed speakers include:

  • Carl Hancock, the man behind Gravity Forms, the irrefutably greatest commercial plugin available
  • Mark Jaquith, one of the main core WordPress contributors
  • Alex King, the creator of ShareThis
  • Frederick Townes, the creator of W3 Total Cache
  • Cory Miller, the guy behind iThemes (and BackupBuddy)

With that list alone (there are more), I cannot imagine PressNomics to be anything but great.

  1. bobschecter

    Most industries have their huge gathering events. In Real Estate, we have one called ICSC at which on the one had we just get together and schmooze, and on the other hand there are seminars and meetings and specific halls established for DealMaking, Meeting the Retailers, Green, etc. Your level of expertise would determine what you can get our of any particular segment or section, but not whether you can get into it. That way newbies who might one day step up to your level or into your shoes, would gain some insights, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Rubbing elbows is what makes an industry grow. If you only want to meet with those at your particular level, there is always a Google hangout.

    • Pippin

      I agree with you to a point. Have large get togethers where you have people of all skill levels is great (that’s what WordCamps are). They can be exceptionally beneficial for not as skilled users because it allows them to interact with more highly skilled individuals, and thus learn a lot from them.

      It is also exceptional beneficial, however, to have events where it is primarily individuals of a high level (not trying to exclude or label anyone) experience or skill. When you have a large group of highly skilled/experienced individuals, great, great things can happen. And meeting in person is 100x better than Google Hangout 😉

  2. Tony Perez

    Hey Pippin

    I agree with you on a number of factors. Like you I was fairly impressed with the the release of the roster. Definitely seems to be jam-packed with a good number of power-hitters, that in itself should make for a great event.

    I’m specifically looking forward to the things we’ll all be able to learn from each other. I’m curious to see how geeky it will be. My basic understanding of it was not to be a technical summit, but it could be. Either way, there has been tremendous amount buzz around the event. Interesting that most of my original thoughts haven’t really change since first hearing about it:

    Look forward to kicking it at SanTan’s..

    • Pippin

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

      More than anything, I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to spend time interacting with and getting to know some of the greatest minds in the WordPress economy.

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