User Submitted Image Gallery – Part 5

In part five of this User Submitted Image Gallery tutorial series we build the advanced query system that allows users to filter images by categories and tags. This will be one of the most advanced sections of this series. This entry is part 5 of 9 in the User Submitted Image Galleries Series

Posts By Taxonomy Widget Plugin – Free

This plugin will provide a widget that allows you to display a list of terms from any custom (or built-in) taxonomy with a list of recent posts filed in each term. The terms are displayed in a list with each term’s posts shown in a nested list.

Write a Better Related Posts Plugin for Custom Taxonomies

Related Posts Plugins are very popular as a method for WordPress users to display related content at the end of their posts, providing the reader with additional relevant content. Typically, related posts plugins use Post Tags to compare posts and find those that are related to the currently displayed post.