This tutorial series will walk you through the process of creating image galleries that registered users are able to submit their own images to. The system that I’m going to show you how to build is extremely useful for photography sites, digital graphic/art sites, and more.

This entire series will be based off of the work I did for the CG Cookie Gallery System.

By the end of the series, we will have created a plugin that can do the following:

  • Display a paginated gallery of all images submitted on the site
  • Allow users to submit images directly to the gallery
  • Filter the gallery images by categories and tags
  • Require that images be approved before publication
  • Email notifications for new image submissions
  • Allow users to comment on other user’s images
  • View image portfolios of any user

The tutorials in this series will all be restricted to premium subscribers only. If you’re not a member, then register here and get immediate access!