Sugar Modal Windows provides an easy-to-use interface for creating Modal popup windows for your WordPress powered website.

This plugin has been removed from Code Canyon and is no longer available.

  1. Melanie

    I think it could be a browser issue, FF is fine, even in IE it shows up fine, without the rounded corners though. I’ll try uninstalling/re-installing Chrome. I havent tried on Opera and Safari.

    Great site and awesome plugins you have Pippin. Keep up with the awesome work.

  2. Sven

    any way to make this thing work with JW player plugin and image slider plugin??
    I was so excited for this great plugin, but what I want it to do won’t work…

    • Pippin

      Unfortunately JW Player doesn’t work inside of the modals, sorry.

  3. Tracy

    Is there a way to make this plugin work in the following way?
    –>The popup appears when a user visits a page for the first time that day. To close the popup they have to click a button in the popup that says something like “I agree”, to get them to acknowledge a copyright notice?
    Thanks for the help!

    • Pippin

      Yes it will work that way, though there isn’t anything that would prevent them from viewing the page if they disagreed.

    • Tracy

      How would the button which closes the popup need to work? Just make it a link to the page that the popup is on or is there a way to code a “close” button. Just bought the plugin btw 🙂

    • Pippin

      You can simply do:
      [close]Close Text[/close]

  4. Dave Roland

    Will this work if I want to have each individual Post or Page configured to open as a popup when clicked? For example, when a user searches my blog, and relevant posts are returned, when they click on an individual post, can the post content (video) open in a popup?

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  5. MaciekRyd

    For some time modals are being displayed top-left aligned…
    Would you please advise?
    E.g. after you enter my website click “What can we do for you?” on the left margin in Login section (you may translate it into English first 🙂 ).

    • Pippin

      I need a link to your website please.

    • Pippin

      I don’t see the modal on that page, can you point it out?

  6. David McCarthy

    Just rebuilding our website. Email signup form used to display in a lightbox, but this isn’t working with WP 3.5.1
    The form code is from a emailing service provider, so pretty standard stuff.

    Can I put this form code in a Modal? I also have a button … can this still be used to activate the Modal?
    Would rather check these out before buying!
    Many thanks.

    • Pippin

      Can you show me the code you need to use? Some embed code does, some doesn’t.

    • David McCarthy

      Hi Pippin. This is the complete code, currently shown in a sidebar (using Page-in-widget), but it doesn’t work as a normal page either. We’d like to retain the position of the button in the sidebar. Is this enough for you to go on?
      [formlightbox_call title=”WORD-right newsletter sign up form” class=”4″][/formlightbox_call]

      Complete this form to receive WORD-right’s monthly newsletter, and your free Introduction to Twitter.


      After you confirm your subscription, your Twitter Guide will be sent with the welcome email.

      [formlightbox_obj id=”4″ style=”padding: 10px;width:470px”]

      Please complete this form to receive WORD-right’s monthly newsletter, and
      your free Introduction to Twitter.

      After clicking the ‘Submit’ button, you will recieve an email which
      contains your ‘confirmation’ link. Once your subscription is confirmed,
      your Twitter guide will be sent by email.

      E-mail address:

      First name:

      Last name:


      UK Europe Rest of the world

      (red stars * indicate compulsory fields)


    • Pippin

      Can you paste that to and then share the link? Some of the code formatting got screwed up.

  7. Russell Davies

    Can you have more than one modal window working on a single page? For example, if I had a number of products on a page and wanted to have a modal window for each one, is that possible?

    • Pippin

      Yes you can!

  8. Marc Fest

    At you can see a plain link modal (“organizations all around the world”). For some reasons it creates an unwanted line return. Is there a way to avoid this? Thank you.

    • Pippin

      No sorry, that’s unavoidable.

  9. Marina

    Hello, just bought the plugin, it seems fine with wide configuration settings easy to set. I use it for contact form, so when finishing filling all fields and pressing “Submit” button, the window close automatically, even if some required fields are not filled. If the user clicks the Contact button again, the pop-up window show him red marked fields that needed to fill. Off course, such messages will be not delivered.
    Is it possible to keep the form up while user get the approval information, that his message was send successfully. If not, maybe it will be possible to stop the window close automatically, so user would see the message and close it manually.

    • Pippin

      That is only possible if the contact form is submitted with ajax (meaning the page doesn’t reload).

  10. Silva

    I’ve installed your Sugar Modal plugin to add multiple modals to one page, but I’m running into a number of problems that I can’t seem to solve:
    – I’ve added the modal code to images so that when a user clicks the image, a modal shows with an additional image and text.
    – However, all modals appear double: one smaller sized modal overlaying a bigger sized modal
    – Plus, the close button (x in the upper right corner) only works when clicked 10+ times.

    Any idea what could be wrong?

    • Pippin

      Multiple different modals, or multiple of the same one?

    • Silva Tensen

      I’m using multiple different modals. I see to have fixed the double occurence of the modals (one of my slugs was wrong), but the problem with the close buttons still persists.
      Here’s the code I’m using:
      [modal name=”Heineken souvenirs”][/modal]

      The modal is called “Heineken souvenirs”, the slug is “heineken-souvenirs”.

    • Pippin

      If you place [close]Click me[/close] inside of the modal, does it work?

  11. Su

    love the sugar modal but could you advise as to how I make it mobile friendly, as on iphone it doesn’t fit to size, is there a way to do this so it automatically scrolls to size on phones.

    • Pippin

      You will have to tweak the CSS yourself.

  12. Tom Meese

    Is is possible to have the modal only close by using the close button? It seems that if the user clicks anywhere outside of the modal, the window disappears.

    Thank you.

    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  13. Tyler

    Is it possible to use this to create a popup of an example webpage written in PHP or Javascript?

    I teach PHP and Javascript and I’d like for my students to be able to click on an assignment and see an example of the finished assignment. So for my PHP class I’d like them to be able to click on an assignment where they create a form, and see the finished form in a modal window. Is tis possible or will the PHP conflict with WordPress?

    And what about Javascript? Could I show JavaScript code examples in this modal window?

    If not, is there some other plugin that you’d recommend?


    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  14. Damien

    For some reason I cant seem to get the plugin to work. It also stops me from navigating to the visual tab on all pages and posts whilst activated.

    • Pippin

      What version of WordPress do you have?

  15. Jacqueline

    When someone signs up for my email list, they are directed to the usual thank you page. Is there a way to call up a modal with the thank you rather than take them to another page? I like the idea of being able to keep them on the current page.


    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  16. Fard Johnmar

    Hello. Not sure if this question has been asked already, but can the buttons themselves be styled via CSS globally? We’d like to make the default button styles align more closely with our theme.

    • Pippin

      Yes you can!

    • Fard Johnmar


      Can you send a link to directions o how to do this? I need to send this on to our developers.

    • Pippin

      If your developer is comfortable with CSS, they won’t need any instructions at all.

  17. Tina

    Hello there,

    Currently, I’m using sampression theme and I’d like to know whether it’s possibleor not to use this plugin to open post (including all the content of the post e.g. the image, the comment etc) in a modal window from homepage ( the idea is similar to pinterest ) without having to go to the post page?


    • Pippin

      No it’s not, sorry.

  18. Mark

    Is there a way to create Wizard like (i.e. step-by-step) sequence of pop-ups? I need the ability to pop-up one modal after another in sequence. If so, how would I close the current and pop-up the next modal in sequence?


    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  19. Drew

    Hi Pippin,

    I was using this plug-in and loved the user-friendliness. Unfortunately it caused the hyperlink attach button in my WordPress to not work. Is there an update or any solutions you can provide to fix this? As of now the only way for me to get it working again is to discontinue using your plug-in and I don’t want to have to do that.


    • Pippin

      What version of WordPress and what version of Sugar Modals do you have?

  20. AEFFE Lab

    I’m not able to show the modal windows.
    The only method that warks is if i create manually a link and I choose a modal window from the list as destination of my link.
    And however in this case a new normal window will appear (not modal).
    Can someone help me Please ?

  21. Elie


    I have a question:
    In my blog, I have a carousel of many images… I want the pop up to appear once we click on an image of the carousel. Is that possible with this plugin?!


    • Pippin

      No, sorry.

  22. Eric

    Can I trigger this with a click on an image?

    • Pippin


  23. Bobby Francavillo

    Just purchased through CodeCanyon, last night. Love the plugin. Thank you for your instincts to know what your fans need/like!

    Question: I wanted a grid of multiple individual pics so I am incorporating a plugin named Grid Column. Seems to be working fine but a bit backwards in implementing it. A more preferable method for me would be to utilize WordPress’ image Gallery or Portfolios – that way I could forgo using the grid column plugin, completely. Is the a way to do this? And if so what would the basic steps be?

    Thanks again.

    • Pippin

      No, sorry, there isn’t a way that I’m aware of.

  24. Adam Druce

    Just downloaded and activated the plugin. Issues I am having are. The modal does not view when in an element included with my theme e.g. when the modal is added to a column or in an icon box. Also shortcode for tabs does not work… test page

    I am sure I must be doing something wrong as researching the sales info….says can be placed anywhere n a page and you can add short code….assistance appreciated please.

    • Pippin


      The problem is that your theme is injecting HTML tags into the plugin’s javascript when you place it inside of the elements, which results in a javascript error.

  25. christina


    I just purchased this plug-in. however, once I’d downloaded it and attempted to add the plug in to my word press plug ins as a zip file, the message that keeps coming up is ‘installing plug in . the package could not be installed. No valid plug ins were found.’ I tried filing the ticket with codecanyon but their ‘captcha’ is impossible to get through much that the letters are clear enough.

    Kind of wish I’d never bothered now , as am on a deadline and spent ages and ages on something that should take 5 minutes

    any ideas? thanks

    • Pippin

      I’ve just emailed you a new copy that should install fine. For some reason Code Canyon keeps corrupting the download files.

    • Adam

      Hi Christina,
      I had the same issue with this plugin. I ended up extracting the Windows version of the plugin and using my FTP program to upload it the webserver. The plugin has installed. However, it appears that this plugin is not compatible with either of the WP Themes (both of which are in the top theme sales on theme forest…very disappointing and hoping the author can fix that) rendering this plugin, as is, useless for me. What is disappointing is that I found a free plugin that does work….just not as visually appealing.

    • Pippin

      Adam, all you need to do is open a support ticket so I can help you 🙂

      In regards to compatibility with two of the most popular themes, I can tell you that at least 5 out of 10 of the most popular themes are actually nightmares from a developer’s perspective, especially as a plugin developer.

      Again, I’m happy to help you work out any and all issues, you just have to ask for help.

    • Adam

      Apologies, I thought the forum was for support. I realise it is a nightmare with all the various themes…will open a ticket. Thanks.

    • Adam Druce

      I’ve looked all over your website for the support ticket system – I can only find the forum – can you please point me in the right direction – thanks. Adam

    • Pippin

      The forum is the right place.

    • Adam Druce

      Ok, I am having problems with the modal plug in with both Enfold and Karma themes. The Enfold theme is where I was hoping to use it. Once placed in a column the popup doesn’t work (opem). I have also tried the tab short code in the modal that that also doesn’t work. So I would appreciate assistance to fix this if possible.. Adam

  26. Lloyd Farrell

    Hi Pippin – I have been looking for a tutorial to help me create a “Locked Content” WP Plugin.

    if a visitor clicks a link to the locked content page, a module like this opens automatically & can not be closed until the user enters required information.

    Do you have a tutorial for creating a locked content plugin ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Pippin

      I don’t, sorry.

  27. christina

    Hi Pippin

    Thanks for sending me the file , installed quickly and very easy to use. The design for the pop up windows is nicely extensive and I love the way they look. So far so good. I have one problem and one quiery, however.

    When I copy and past my text form a page into modal, it seems to lose formatting, – font , paragraph spaces and bullet points. I’d watched your video and it seem to paste with format unlike mine.

    Second thing is: Ideally I would like the link my pop up to my image as your buttons or the link won’t go with my set up. Is it possible? Do I use Additional Shortcode? I’d looked at your ‘help’ pages but didn’t find an unswer

    Thanks for your help

    • Pippin

      Are you copying the text from the page editor or the live page?

      I’m not sure I understand your second question.

    • christina


      I followed your video, I tried copy-paste from my wordpress content page , and normal page in google document, and another document, on linux, none worked, now the only way i can have spaces between lines is to add a character in the same colour as background. I can’t change fonts or add bullet points ehter, it just pastes is as a plain text, ignoring bullet points when I add them once pasted in modal editor

      Also, is there a way I can use my own image instead of link or your button? Is there a code you could suggest? Do I fiddle with <a href= ?
      Thank you


    • Pippin

      Can you do a quick test to see if it works correctly with one of the default themes?

  28. christina

    sure, what do i do?

    • Pippin

      Switch to the default Twenty Twelve theme then see if everything works correctly.

  29. MMB

    We would like to embed a Brightcove javascript player inside of a pop-up. I read that doing this tends to cause problems with Sugar Modal Windows. What kinds of problems? Insurmountable?

    • Pippin

      Most likely it will not work. Usually JS effects break because the modal is not displayed when the page loads.

    • MMB

      Bummer. Thanks for letting me know.

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