This is a simple plugin that adds a notification system to your WordPress via custom post types. Simple Notices gives you a way to make announcements that are displayed site-wide at the top of your site. Use this plugin to keep your users up to date about important announcements on the site.

Notices are displayed with fixed positioning, meaning that they will overlap the rest of your site’s contents. Each notice includes a close button that allows the current user to hide the notice, and if the user is logged in, the notice ID will be permanently stored in their user meta, and so will never shown again. If the user is not logged in, the ID of the notice will be stored in a cookie.

Notices can be set to only be shown to logged-in users.

Five colors are included:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Gray

Screen Shots

[box style=”approved”]A Pro version of this plugin is available here.[/box]

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  1. hb

    Very nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t wprk for me. The notice just won’t show up.

    • Pippin

      Does your theme have the wp_footer() function in footer.php? This is required.

  2. hb

    It’s the mandigo theme. Yes, it does have that function in the footer.php.

    • Pippin

      Are you logged in or out when trying to view the notice?

  3. hb

    Aahh yes – logging out does the trick.
    Will have to install a second browser for test view purposes.
    Thank you for pointing me there.

    • Pippin

      It should display when logged in as well. I bet I know why it’s not showing and will make an update later this evening.

  4. uprosoft

    Really awesome plugin Pippin. Thank you very much… Can I edit it’s functionality to make something different?


    • Pippin

      Of course you can edit it. What kind of changes would you like to make?

  5. Christopher Wulff

    Nice! How would it work if I created a ‘maintenance’ one that I set to published or draft, in terms of the cookie/user_meta? Would I have to create a new post each time to make sure they saw it or would unpublishing and republishing clear the cookie so they would see it each time I made it live?

    • Pippin

      Republishing will not clear cookies. If a notice has been published before, then it will need to be published again (as a new copy) because the ID of the notice is stored in the cookie/user meta.

  6. FanaticWeb

    Simple and straight to the point plugin, seeing that this type of notification can be easily forgotten about (When managing multiple blogs), is there a way to set an auto-remove functionality into it? Let’s say a fixed date or x amount of days?
    Also, does it display any type of content considering it works like a typical post? (Banners, Flash, etc.)
    The Re-Order option: Let’s say we got 3 Notices saved, from what I saw in the video tutorial, only one notice is displayed at a time, what would be the point of reordering the notices if only the latest one will be displayed on the front end?
    Last question, can it be placed at the bottom?

    Good point for making it Fixed position by the way.

    • Pippin

      There is no auto-remove at this point, possibly later on.

      The Re-Order option is actually part of a different plugin (Post Type Reorder).

      Only the latest notice is displayed.

      It can be placed at the bottom by adjusting the CSS a little.

  7. Ronnie

    Is there a way to use shortcodes in notices?
    Nice plugin, Thanks

    • Pippin

      Just updated to include short code rendering 🙂

  8. michael

    Sweet plugin once again Pippin.

    And particularly easy edits of the css for the color styles allow for small image inclusion as additional eye-candy. You were thinking ahead there. 😉

    Thanks for this happy addition to the community.

    • Pippin

      Glad you like it 🙂

  9. michael

    Quick Question, can’t figure out why notice can’t be closed/hidden when one is logged in.

    • Pippin

      Do they close but not save? Or not close at all?

  10. michael

    Whilst logged in, it will not close. But in a different browser, without begin logged in, they do close. I noticed there was a line of css (when i was mucking about putting in an image) that commented the following:

    /* don’t ever hide for logged-in users */

    • Pippin

      Sounds like you might be having a jQuery error occurring for logged in users.

      That line of CSS it to ensure that the notice is loaded with display: block upon page load. Non logged in users have the notice load as display:none;

  11. liquidsou;

    Can you make an option to set the notice viewable by registered users only?

    • Pippin

      I’ve just updated it with an option 🙂

  12. Gorazd

    The plugin was working… but now I can not find it any more on the dashboard…. on the menu….
    Need help cos is a nice plugin!

    • Pippin

      It doesn’t show at all in the dashboard? Are you sure it’s still active?

  13. Gorazd

    yes, it is still active but I can not find it anywhere in the dashboard. I deactivated it, reinstalled it, but still no signs of notices in the dashboard…. :/

    • Pippin

      Sounds like you have another plugin or something in your theme conflicting. Try disabling other plugins and see if doing so makes them show up.

  14. Gorazd

    Still no luck… I deactivated almost everything… deactived all the recent plugins that were installed after the installation of Simple notice (because when installed it was working) …
    last hope is the plguin Plugin organizer that I have already deactivated and deleted but in the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins there is still something going on… I renamed the folder then there wasnt any signs of Plugin organizer any more but still no Simple notices…. 🙁
    Thank you for your help,


    • Pippin

      If you can send me wp login info from my Contact page I can take a look at it.

  15. Gorazd

    Sent. Thx!

  16. Gorazd

    Works now!!! Thank you!!!!! You are great!

    • Pippin

      Please delete and then reinstall the plugin. The repository did something really weird and removed some of the files.

    • Pippin

      Hold that. I just checked and there are still files missing from the plugin. I don’t know what the repo did, but something weird happened. Looking into it now.

    • Pippin

      Okay, it’s fixed. Now please update to v1.0.5.1

  17. hb

    Now this is what I call a really excellent support.
    Works now, thank you very much!

    • Pippin

      Glad to help!

  18. Luison

    Great Work Pippin. I love it, and it’s just perfect for what i need. But I can’t make it run because the theme i have running it has no footer function and I see in the comments below we need it.
    Can you help? Could I implement the footer function? I have to say I have no much idea of PHP.
    Thanks million ofr your help.
    My theme, Delicate

    • Pippin

      Do you have a footer.php file? If you do then just place this at the very bottom:

      <?php wp_footer(); ?>
  19. Luison

    It’s working!! Thanks a lot Pippin. I agree with hb this a really good support in such a short time!
    It’s a pity I got late to get a chance to win one of your Simple Notices Pro Plugins, but now that it’s working I’m gonna buy one. Thanks again.

    • Pippin

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy the pro version 🙂

  20. FanaticWeb

    Pippin… HELP!
    I installed the Pro version, the close button is not responsive even if I set the slide to No effects, meanwhile, my theme has a built in Carousel and it stopped displaying my featured ads, I disabled your plugin and the Carousel is still not working 🙁

    I noticed this error displayed in IE 8: Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.0.30618; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET4.0C; Creative AutoUpdate v1.40.04)
    Timestamp: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 22:24:45 UTC
    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 23
    Char: 2
    Code: 0

    For the record, I’m also using Foobar Notification Bars which also displays ticker like messages in the Header, not sure if the conflict is do to both plugins trying to place themselves on top or not.

    On a side note, is there a way to place your plugin anywhere else on the pages using a Shortcode?

    • Pippin

      First of all, if you could please post support questions related to the Pro version on the pro version’s page, that would be great. You can also post support questions here:

      The problem is caused by a jQuery conflict, either resulting from a jQuery problem in your theme or another plugin. It’s probably because your theme is loading it’s own version of jQuery, instead of using the version included with WordPress. Can you post a URL in a support thread via the link above?

  21. FanaticWeb

    My apologies, this crossed my mind after I posted it, please remove it if need be and I’ll post it in the Support section, thanks Pippin.

  22. dimitris

    Great plugin(s) !

  23. Krisargent

    Just installed Simple Notices on my latest project, Satisfied so far. Very thankful to finally find a decent free plugin I can use in the beginning, and upgrade to Pro as it develops legs. Clean, crisp, and no noticeable lag in load time. Thank you!

    • Pippin

      I’m glad you like it!

  24. jason

    Hi Pippin, I have some of your other plugins and love you stuff.

    I am looking for something like this but I need to:

    1) display it at top or bottom

    2) display it on specific posts, pages, cats, etc…like your background plugin

    3) display specific posts in the notice, say 3 to 5 posts with a thumb and the excerpt.

    I want ti use it like a news notice, or post specials, etc. Having it display on specific pages is important so I can setup a specific notice for my user dashboard in my member site.

    ANy chance these features could make there way in to this plugin?

    btw…you should look at this jquery plugin, specifically the multiselect option. I works real nice with the loop, especially when you have to select multiple pages/pots/categories etc.

    • Pippin

      Thanks for feedback Jason.

      Sorry but it’s not likely that those will ever make it in, simply because I’m busy working on many other projects at this time.

  25. Jack

    Hi Pippin,
    Great plugin! Any chance it could be updated to call it’s css and js in the footer as opposed to the header though?

    • Pippin

      Maybe the JS but definitely not the CSS since CSS should always be loaded in the footer.

    • Jack

      That’s fair.
      If that could be done, that would be great.


  26. Miha

    Nice & simple solution!

    My Suggestion is to add “menu area or widget area to it”.


    • Pippin

      Inside of the notice area?

  27. Kathleen

    Great plugin, as I have come to expect! I’ve used it on more than one site. But on a site running the theme Suffusion, the published notice does not display for any users.

    However, If I check the page source, I see the code in there, including the link to allow a user to prevent display of the notice. The css class is “blue hidden” — is that what it should be?

    Also, I have tried editing the footer.php file as instructed, but it did not make the notice visible, so reverted to original file.

    To see the problem in action, visit — there is no notice visible.

    • Pippin

      The problem is the hidden class. It’s getting overwritten by your theme. Are you comfortable with editing CSS?

    • Kathleen

      Oh, sure. What do you suggest?

    • Pippin

      I would locate the CSS in your theme is hiding the .hidden class and simply remove it.

  28. evolute2

    Just to say thank you to you for the simple notice, all works well now !
    And thank you too for the very useful EDD !

  29. nader

    HI…it’s a perfect..
    just one problem.. i want to display 2 or 3 or more notification in my site..but this plugin just display 1 notification 🙁
    what can i do?

    • Pippin

      Sorry but multiple notifications displayed at the same time is not supported.

    • Pippin

      It only supports one notification at a time, sorry.

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