In October, 2012, I released a plugin called Simple Google Maps Shortcode. It was a very simple plugin that simply registered a shortcode that could be used to display a Google map of any address on a post or page. The plugin was simple, efficient, and did just the one thing very well. Overtime it grew to more than 10,000 active installs and is still actively used on thousands of sites. Today I’m happy to announce that the plugin has a new home and has been acquired by WebFactory.

Gordan has already released a few updates for the plugin and plans to continue developing it into a more powerful solution for site owners to add Google maps to their sites.

Among other things, Gordan plans to release updates to introduce the following:

  • A GUI for creating/customizing the final map display
  • A detailed explanation and help guide to assist site owners with generating a Google Maps API key, necessary after the recently announced pricing and billing changes:
  • New support for custom pin images
  • New support for custom fields, ie [map]$custom-field-with-address[/map]

This acquisition brings WebFactory’s portfolio of Google maps plugins to three. Along with Simple Google Maps Shortcode, Gordan also developers and maintains:

I have known Gordan for a long time and have complete confidence in his ability to deliver superb results.

  1. Lucky

    Simple Google maps shortcode is a cool plugin. Used it a few times, looking forward to the updates.

  2. Falak

    Excellent post buddy. The timing of your post is superb.So thanks a lot for sharing this excellent post.

  3. Dhiraj

    Just saw the update, we are using the plugin in a couple of our projects. Hope the new owner will continue with great updates.

  4. chat4smile


    i just want to say thanks this post was very helpful the way of your explanation is completely awesome keep writing great stuff i will be back soon for reading more stuff.

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