Building a Database Abstraction Layer

When you start building big plugins, you will likely run into questions about how you should best store the data for your plugin. WordPress makes storing data in the database exceptionally simple through various APIs but sometimes the structure of your data does not fit within the schema if an existing WordPress database.

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Shortcodes 101 for Plugin Developers

Shortcodes are one of the most ubiquitous features used throughout thousands upon thousands of plugins. If a plugin does anything more than very basic or specific tasks, it is likely that it uses one or more shortcodes as a means for the user to apply the functionality of the plugin to their site. You must…

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Unit Tests for WordPress Plugins

Unit testsĀ are a tool that developers use to test that code is performing properly. The idea behind unit tests is to create a set of tests that determine if the code you have written is doing what it is supposed to do.

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Creating a User Follow System Plugin

Every social network has some sort of system for “following” other users, and also for other users to “follow” your profile. In this tutorial series, we are going to look at how to build a user following system plugin from scratch. You must be logged in and have an active premium membership to view the…

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Integrating with WordPress is a powerful payment processor that is designed for developers and is by far one of the best payment systems I have ever worked with. This tutorial series is going to walk you through how to integrate payment forms, payment tracking, setting up recurring payment profiles, and more in WordPress with the Stripe API.

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WordPress Rewrite API

The WordPress rewrite API is a very advanced topic, and one that is over looked at lot, but it is also exceptionally powerful. This tutorial series by guest author Abid Omar will demonstrate to you how the API works for the default WordPress rewrites (pretty permalinks), and also how to add your own custom rewrite…

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Customizing Restrict Content Pro

This series of tutorials demonstrate a lot of different ways that you can customize Restrict Content Pro to best suit your needs. Some topics that are covered include adding custom fields to the user registration form, adding a mail chimp newsletter signup option, customizing the admin tables, and more.

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Plugin Thoughts

This is a series of video episodes where I talk about general plugin development. Each episode discusses some topic of interest in the world of plugin development

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Plugin Development 101

This course is going to focus on the very basics of plugin development. I am going to assume you have never written a plugin before and take you from the very beginning. If you have written plugins before, then this course could also be extremely valuable to you as I’m going to cover in-depth the…

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User Submitted Image Galleries

This tutorial series will walk you through the process of creating image galleries that registered users are able to submit their own images to. The system that I’m going to show you how to build is extremely useful for photography sites, digital graphic/art sites, and more. You must be logged in and have an active…

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Writing Your First WordPress Plugins, Basic to Advanced

This series of tutorials will take you through how to write your first WordPress plugin. Tutorials in this series will cover everything from the very basics of how to write your first plugin, to the the process of writing very advanced plugins. I will walk you through everything from how plugins work, to how to…

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Working with Widgets

This is a post series about how to build Widgets in your WordPress plugins. Posts in this series will cover many aspects of building widgets for WordPress, they will differ in difficulty, and by the end, you will be able to build just about any kind of Widget.

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