In early 2011 I released Easy Content Types, an advanced plugin that provides a graphical interface for creating post types, taxonomies, and metaboxes in WordPress. The plugin was originally released on Code and did quite well there. It was in the weekly top sellers nearly every week that it resided there. Then in February, 2013, the plugin was moved to this site and was one of the first plugins used to stock my own small plugin shop. Now, with some sadness and great happiness at the same time, it is time for Easy Content Types to find a new home.

Over the last several years, I have taken on large projects that require the majority of my attention. These projects, including Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, and AffiliateWP, have all done quite well for me and I spend the majority of every day working to move them forward. Due to the time requirements of these, however, I’ve found myself unable to dedicate the time necessary to really care for Easy Content Types. In the last two years, I have maintained the plugin and worked to take care of bug reports, but no new development has been able to be performed on it. The plugin has mostly stagnated under my watch, and that makes me sad.

As one of my earliest large plugins and one of the primary plugins responsible for jump starting my career in plugin development, I’d hate to see the plugin slowly fade away. For that reason, I have chosen to find a new home and owner for Easy Content Types.

Since I will be asking for a monetary commitment from whomever becomes the new owner, it is only right that we look at the stats for Easy Content Types.

During it’s time on Code Canyon, Easy Content Types sold 2,005 copies with an average of 91.27 sales per month. The plugin was priced at $30. Those 2,005 sales amounted to $33,677.36 in earnings (after Envato took their cut) and it averaged $1,464.23 in earnings per month.

Easy Content Types was removed from Code Canyon on February 7th, 2013, and republished on this site. Since that date, it has sold 970 copies (not counting refunds) and earned $33,036.87. On this site the plugin has averaged 29 sales per month and has had an average income of $971.67 per month. The decline in sales on this site are due entirely to the plugin losing my focus. The earnings are about equal with when it was on Code Canyon, however, since 100% of every sale went to me.

Here’s a screenshot of the sales / earnings on this site since February 2013:

Easy Content Types Earnings

The plugin is currently managed in a private GitHub repository which can be transferred directly to the new owner.

I do have a few expectations (requirements?) that I wish to be honored by the new owner:

  1. The plugin will remain available and receive active development to further enhance and improve its feature set.
  2. All customers that hold an active license key will be honored and supported until their license keys expire.
  3. The plugin will continue to be distributed under the GPL license
  4. The owner will not be anonymous. If you wish for your name to be kept private until terms are finalized, that is acceptable, but once the transfer is complete, I will announce the new owner to all existing customers to assist them in the transition.

Along with the code base, the new owner will receive CSV exports of all customer records and license keys. I will also happily add a 301 redirect to my product pages to help drive traffic to the plugin’s new location. I will also be available for a set number of months to assist with any other challenges or questions that arise after the transfer.

Are you interested? Get in touch to make an offer.

  1. Andy Warren

    Bummer. Hope it goes to a good home. This plugin is a default on pretty much every site I build.

    • Pippin

      I am sad to be handing it off but I am also thrilled because it means new life will be breathed into the plugin. Due to my time commitments on the other, bigger projects, I’ve been unable to continue active development of Easy Content Types.

      One of the details I will be looking for in the new owner is the dedication to properly care for the plugin. I don’t want someone that’s just going to take it over and let it sit; I want someone that will give it the attention it deserves.

      With the right owner, the plugin will only get better.

  2. Mike Hemberger

    This plugin helped me get started with CPT’s and meta fields when i entered into custom development years ago. Though it’s not in my toolbox anymore, I’m appreciative to have used it during that time. I’m certain you’ll find someone good to takeover so it can continue to help people build cool stuff with WP.

    As always, we appreciate your honesty and transparency as a business owner and a human being 😉

    Cheers to the future.

    • Jeremiah

      I agree with Mike. I think it’s safe to say you’re one of the most inspirational WP devs and I would be proud to own something you’ve built. If I had the time and money I would certainly consider it, but I know I can’t give it the attention it deserves. Good luck selling this and thank you for EDD and all you build.

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