In today’s review, we’re taking a quick look at the WP Audio plugin that was just released by Tom McFarlin. It is a simple plugin that lets you add a responsive audio player to the bottom of your posts.

The plugin will add a new meta box to your post edit screen that lets you enter the URL to an audio file. If you enter a URL, the audio player will be automatically appended to the bottom of your post, as shown in the screenshots below:

If you like the plugin, go give it a rating and thank Tom for his excellent work.

Download Plugin

My Rating: ★★★★★

  1. Joe

    Nice Review as usual. Definitely will try this one out on a project soon. Altough the “responsive” mode isn’t quite visible in your video 😀

  2. barowen1999

    As always, you’ve done the work of finding a great responsive plugin for us. Thanks, Pippin.

  3. Tom McFarlin

    Wow Pippin – flattered. Thanks for the awesome review! Proud to be featured here.

    Just pushed an update tonight that adds the Audio Feature to custom post types, as well.

    • Skinny_Latte

      Nice work Tom. Do you think there’s a chance you’ll add the ability to create playlists at some point? I haven’t seen a reliable/user-friendly WordPress option that does this anywhere else so far…

    • Rudd

      It’d great if we can use external link as well 😉

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