MyMail  is an email newsletter plugin written by revaxarts that provides you a complete system for creating newsletters, collecting subscribers, building campaigns, and more from within your WordPress Dashboard. It is a fully featured email newsletter plugin, including autoresponders, that gives you the power of a system like Mail Chimp, except without a subscription and it’s all inside of WordPress.

My Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Randy

    This looks great. I have a question though, don’t hosts have a limit if emails that can be sent at one time? What would you say is the maximum number of emails you should send safely without needing to move to something like MailChimp?

    Also, after you create a blog post, is there a check box or something that allows you to instantly notify (or send that full post) to your MyMail subscribers?

    • Pippin

      They do, but the plugin has included options for sending via SMTP or DKIM:

      The maximum really depends on your host and /or your SMTP server.

      There is not an option to send post notifications.

    • kim

      Hosts do have limits. Here’s a list with common hosts and their mailing limits:

      This said, even for smaller list it’s highly recommend to send with email providers, like SendGrid, simply for deliverability.

      For example, using our free spam score tool, mail-tester, we discovered that the top 3 hosts for WordPress are blacklisted on shared hosting:

      – HostGator
      – GoDaddy
      – Bluehost (or was it Dreamhost, Pippin?)

      Happy mailing!

    • Xaver

      Hi Randy!

      Yes, many hosts have limits. This depends on your host and your plan of course. Kim posted a nice overview at his page. You can set the limits on the plugins setting page and MyMail takes care and stop sending if limit is reached.

      If you would like to use a dedicate email provider you can use SMTP. Even Gmail works over SMTP but has a 500 mails limit each day.

      DKIM is not a sending method rather a method to sign your mails to prevent them ending in the spam folder. Version 1.3.1 will help you to generate your keys for this purpose.

      Sending latest posts is on my todo list and should be included in one of the next updates

  2. Jean

    Have you tried out WYSIJA? Would be cool to know which one you prefer if you’ve used them both.

    • Pippin

      I have used them both. I recently built a Wysija extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

      I don’t know which I like better; they’re both excellent.

  3. Nimitz

    These is the plugin that is useful for new sprout business men like me… I have a newsletter plugin but don’t have the features of tracking bounces, open of the messages and some features that an email marketing like aweber or mailchimp does.

    Anyway, where can I buy these plugin.. Do you offer support after I bought it?

    • Pippin

      Xaver (see above) is the author of the plugin and yes, he provides support for it. You can purchase it from Code Canyon.

  4. ade

    I want to know if the plugin currently surpport Audio, and Video…. In this day and age, its not all about text. I want to send a video update or podcast to by clients. Please let me know asap cause I am interested in this product.

    • Pippin

      I am not sure. I”d suggest asking the plugin developers.

    • Xaver

      Video in mails is not widely supported. You can use a placeholder image which links to the video though.

  5. ade

    Thank you for answering my question so quick. I was wondering instead of me buying series of plugins to handle membership and or affiliations, are there plans to add such functions to the MyMail plugin? If not, can you recommend a good plugin that works those functions.

  6. Bo

    This will not make a newsletter of selected posts automatically right?

  7. Sid

    Tried the demo and I gotta say well done….

    A question though, how would we track specific subscriber response to a campaign. The plugin provides campaign stats in all campaign section, however how would i figure out who/which specific subscriber opened and which didnt click? This would be important as then i can send discount coupons to the subscribers who responded the most. Thanks.

  8. citygist

    Searching for a support and contact for this plugin after purchase.

    How can i generate a HTML Subscription form with this plugin that can work easily with OptimizePress and handle my autoresponder.

    I expect the seller to have installation instructions and video tutorials will be good. Some clients are really dummy and need help

    Another request is if there can be check boxes in the Text area (where he has the radio buttons. Some clients may have more information that applies and this can be good enough to handle survey)

    • Pippin

      You can get support on Code Canyon.

      You will need to ask the plugin author those questions. I only reviewed it 🙂

  9. Michael

    Just came across this Plugin, which looks great, and as I’m considering purchasing it and have a pre-purchase question.

    Is the mailing list(s) seperate from the list of users on a website?

    The reason I ask is that I have a small membership site (about 100) members for a community group and am using S2Member for specific member-only content. So is this list of website members seperate from those listed in the mailing list ?


    • Pippin

      You will need to post this question on Code Canyon. I’m not the plugin author, I just reviewed it.

  10. David Parsons

    Good Review!

    I like how it saves you lost of money and all by not having to use Mailchimp, but the only thing that gets me is how it could be considered SPAM. I have heard that the servers at company’s like Mailchimp and Aweber have been validated and trusted by most all email accounts (gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail ect). So to me its never been about paying for the newsletter functionality, its been more about having a good quality email server.

    Is this true that email newsletter company’s have a smaller chance of having their emails going into peoples spam folders or have I been feed some bs? Does the place where an email comes from increase the likelihood of something going into spam?

    Thanks in advanced and btw, you gave a very good speech at WordCamp Miami this year! Keep it up!

    • Pippin

      In general I suspect that is true.

    • natethegreat

      Would these resolve this issue?
      Now you can have control along with security and less spam!

      MyMail AmazonSES Integration free
      MyMail SendGrid Integration free
      Gravity Forms MyMail Add-On free

    • David Parsons

      No worries, it’s not an issue. Thanks for the advice!

    • emailready

      Mandrill works for me… I am a email marketing manager and I am impressed

  11. kajal

    Please help me..when i open the mail which sent by newsletter, it opens the website’s homepage link. and i want to open which i mention in html properly work when i sent a test mail but i creat a campaign n sent it then i have problem which i describe above..

    • Pippin

      Please post in the plugin’s support forum. I am not the plugin developer, I just wrote a review of it.

  12. Arash

    Does it track the email address that the campaign could not be delivered to them? If yes where is it? I could not find in the online demo.

    • Pippin

      I don’t know the answer to that, sorry, you’ll need to ask the developer.

  13. Nathan

    Thank you for the great review Pippin. I was about to click the buy button on this at Theme Forest, but checked the comments first. Unfortunately, the author has not answered anybody in about two weeks. I’m probably going to have to skip on this one.

    • emailready

      for out of the box solution I don’t think you will need support he is too busy with feature requests… I have been using it for a month now it truly works

  14. Julia McCalroy

    We’ve been using IEM for years and have even gone as far as to “Frankenstein” the software to meet our own needs and its really worked out well for us! however since we noticed this its really impressive as its doing pretty much all the things that were used to already (on a smaller scale that is) but so far so good!

    I was wondering though in regards to the licensing and how many sites that we own can we install it on with the license? Any feedback would be great 😉

    Leads Direct USA

    • Pippin

      It is one-site per purchase.

  15. rosorio

    Hi Pippin,

    I read that you have an extension for MailPoet (former Wysija) but, i would like to know if you are considering to create an extension for Easy Digital Downloads or Restrict Content Prowith MyMail?

    Thanks a lot for a nice review.

    • Pippin

      Not at this time, sorry.

  16. Charlie

    Hi Pippin, I’ve bought some of your plugins and I ‘m really happy with them. Nice review on this plugin to. I was just wondering if it is possible to create a subscriber form to a specific list. For instance, I will be sending different newsletter depending on user’s preferences about events (e.g. Rock, Salsa, Electronic). The ideal situation would be that people can suscribe and chose what lists are they’d like to be.

    As a second ideal situation, it would be really nice that some content would also be shown only if the user have set up that “list”/”preference”… For example, if I’ve chosen rock but not electronic, the newsletter would only send me information about rock. So everyone would only receive the information that is interested on. ¿Is there a way to do that based on this plugin?

    Thank you very much!

    • Pippin

      I don’t know the answer to that, sorry. I’d suggest posting a comment on the Code Canyon page.

    • emailready

      those preferences are available in mymail settings. You can give the user option as to which list they can subscribe to

  17. emailready

    I need to sync MyMail subscribers with MailChimp, can anyone help please
    I don’t have any programming skills to do what I trying to achieve

  18. Kemal Kaya

    Thank you for the great review. These plugin gong to be very useful for me. Thank you very much!

  19. BusinessCabal

    The problem with wordpress hosted email autoresponder is usually the sending aspect…

  20. Julio

    Hi , very good this product really is valuable , already I used some programs to manage my e-mail list , bad best of all it was the mymail , integrate it with my capture page with my blog , set up with an SMTP ( mandrill ) and it works very well , and autoresponder sending messages arrive with great quality , it is easy to assemble and has a great all customization is very profissonal the way I like it ! is always up to date , the only problem is that soon the value will increase, I strongly recommend that if you are interested in buying a good autoresponder manager that works with a profissonal appearance and easily integrates into your blog including every post he already sends automatically email your list ! that’s fantastic , I recommend you see the plugin -demonstration before buying ‘m sure you ‘ll like it too !

    you can access here

  21. andrew

    I would like to find out, can i embed a video in MyMail?

  22. Berna

    Thank you very much. This plugin is very useful

  23. Mike Cowles

    Hi, your plugin looks great, but I have a couple functionality questions before buying.

    1. Can you unsubscribe some one from list A and move them to list B after they purchase an offer? (to avoid sending promotions after they’ve bought)
    2. Can you unsubscribe some one from list A and move them to list B after they complete the follow up series on list A? (to start a different product promotion series)

    If your plugin doesn’t do this, can it be altered to do it?

    Thank you! 🙂

  24. I need to sync MyMail subscribers with MailChimp, can anyone help please
    I don’t have any programming skills to do what I trying to achieve

  25. Seyahat

    Thank you very much!

  26. Haber

    Realy? good content.

  27. when

    We use MyMail for our clients at our agency. We are very happy 🙂

  28. Blender 3d eevee

    This excellent website certainly has all of the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t
    know who to ask.

  29. next full moon

    I have used them both. I recently built a Wysija extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

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