There a a huge number of Google Maps plugins for WordPress. So many in fact, it takes 25 pages to list all the search results on With so many plugins, it’s no wonder people ask for suggestions on which plugin to use all the time. It’s so dang hard to find the right one. I wrote a simple Google Maps plugin a couple of years ago for that exact reason: I couldn’t find one that did what I needed.

Last week, Matt Cromwell from WordImpress reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their Google Maps Builder Pro plugin.

Boy am I glad they did because this plugin is simply stellar.

There are thousands of great plugins out there, but it’s not very often that a plugin truly wows me. Today I was absolutely wowed by just how good this plugin is. From its user interface to its feature set, this is a really great plugin that does exactly what it advertises.

I will leave the detailed explanation of features included with the plugin to WordImpress’s product page, but suffice it to say that this plugin really can build just about any kind of map you can imagine, and it’s easy too. That’s a rare combination.

Watch the video above for my in-depth review of Google Maps Builder Pro.

Go to Maps Builder Pro

My Rating: ★★★★★

  1. Jim Krenz

    Thank you for reviewing the Google Maps Builder Pro plugin. I’ve only had one client request an interactive map for their website thus far. This plugin is vastly more capable than the ones I researched. It will be my maps plugin of choice as the need arises for future projects.

    By the way, I didn’t know that you did plugin reviews. This is great! Kudos!

  2. Oliver

    Great plugin. But it has one downside for me: it loads scripts and styles everywhere, not conditionally. And they even collide with other plugins/theme scripts and styles.

    It’s really really hard to find a good map plugin that you can use and be satisfied with 😉

    I will stick to this one as it is really good and hoping they will improve the scripts loading in future update.

    Thanks Pippin for review!

  3. Athlone

    Thank you for the review. I took a look and it’s a really beautiful plugin. I’m now using it on a site for a client already. The free version is remarkably powerful out the box but some of those Pro features are going to come in really handy.

  4. Usha

    Thanks for sharing. It was worth exploring the features of Maps Builder Pro plugin.

  5. kiwi4mori

    The plugin is not as performant as it is promoted, but the worst is that it is almost impossible to ask for a refound once the product is bought and the user realizes that this is not exactly what he was looking for. The website for getting some support is not user friendly as well. I won’t recommend it.

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