Restrict Content Pro has just been updated to version 2.4 to introduce two major new features and a few bug fixes. Along with the version 2.4 release, a new website for Restrict Content Pro was quietly launched a couple of weeks ago.

In Restrict Content Pro 2.4, I have introduced two new features: a member account approval process, and a payment gateway for

Member Approvals

One of the most requested features in Restrict Content Pro since version 1.0 has been the ability to manually review and approve user accounts. With 2.4, this feature is finally available.

The feature has been added to Restrict Content Pro by a seamless integration with the WP Approve User plugin built by Konstantin Obenland.

To enable account approval in Restrict Content Pro, simply install and activate WP Approve User. The rest will be handled automatically by Restrict Content Pro.

2Checkout Support

Accepting payments for one-time accounts and subscriptions is one of the fundamental features of Restrict Content Pro. Now, with version 2.4, Restrict Content Pro is a viable option no matter where you live as 2Checkout offers almost complete coverage for nearly every country in the world.

If you’d like to use 2Checkout with Restrict Content Pro, check out the documentation for more information.

New Website for Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro has had several homes during its lifetime. It started its life on when it was first launched 4-5 years ago, then it eventually moved here to, and now it has a new home:

The new website was designed and built by my good friend Andrew Munro, whom is also the sole designer and developer for and this website,

With the new website, I hope to breathe even more life into Restrict Content Pro and further develop it as a solid platform for membership websites.

The site was launched quietly a few weeks ago and some aspects are still in progress, so you will see some additional changes there in the near future.

  1. Creative Group

    How do you login to the new Restrict Content Pro website? Is the username and password the same as this site?

    • Pippin

      All customer accounts were migrated using the email address on the account. You can use your email address and the Lost Password form to recover access to your account at

  2. selinazed

    Hi there. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t seem to get the WP Approve User to work with Restrict Content Pro as indicated above. I’ve installed and activated the plug in, but nothing changes on the RCP side. Help!

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